Thursday, October 13, 2011

Special Holiday Events You Don't Want to Miss!

Pumpkin Bash - October 30 2011 - Click on link for printable copy!

Turkey Day - November 26 2011 - Click on link for printable copy!

Christmas with the Cats

Join us throughout the the month of December as we celebrate the Holidays with our beautiful cats.  Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and wander through the sanctuary watching the cats watch the twinkling lights!  More details to follow.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Are You Ready to Rumble?

Friday Morning Results of our first Roar Off competition: 

Folks, we have a winner!  Two former WAO lions vied for top honors as the "Loudest Roarer" at In-Sync Exotics this week.  Needless to say, this was a tough competition as both lions have terrific lung power. 

Congratulations Sabu!

However, there was a clear winner in the competition!  So, with out further ado, we are pleased to announce the winner of the Roar Off competition, Round 1—SABU!

Sabu captured 77.8% of the vote, making him the "Loudest Roarer" in Round 1 of the competition! 

Thank you everyone for your participation in this event!  Next week, in Round 2, the former Poetry lions will go head-to-tail with the White "Boys" lions!  You don't want to miss this upcoming competition!


Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages, welcome to In-Sync Exotics' first Roar Off competition!

We have two contenders today vying for top honors as the "Loudest Roarer" at In-Sync Exotics!  Both lions are no strangers to one another as they used to reside at the now closed Wild Animal Orphanage sanctuary.  Jynxie and Sabu are eager to show off their vocal talents, so be prepared to hear some awesome sounds!

Here's how the competition works:

You watch the videos of Sabu and Jynxie giving it their best effort to claim top honors as "Loudest Roarer," and then you vote!  Voting ends on Friday morning at 7:00am and we will announce the winner later in the day!

So, vote for your favorite lion today and help either Jynxie or Sabu clinch the title of "Loudest Roarer" in this first round of the competition! 

So turn up your speakers and let the Roar Off begin!

Our first competitor is Jynxie!

Didn't she sound fabulous?

Not to be outdone, Sabu gives his rendition of "Somewhere in the Night!"

Wasn't Sabu simply adorable?  

Folks, this is one tough competition!  Are you ready to vote?  Yes, you say?  Okay, let's vote! 


Good luck Jynxie and Sabu!  We love ya!

If you want to hear the lions in person, you may want to join us on our night tours!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Who Am I?

Update:  We have a tie-winner!  Congratulations to Jaime & Susan for correctly guessing the identity of the tiger, Raja! 

Ladies, if you will email us your mailing addresses, we'd like to send you a small prize!

Next week we'll post another Who Am I to the blog, giving everyone an opportunity to identify the mystery cat living at In-Sync Exotics!

Look at me!  I'm fur-ocious!

I love playing with my enrichment toys, especially in the water. I also enjoy walking and playing in the playground with my special tiger lady.  Do you know who I am?

First person to identify me wins a small prize and bragging rights.  Simply send your response to our special animal email account and if you are the first person to respond to the challenge, you win!  Good luck!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Match That Donation!

I'm waiting to move into my new habitat!
We have some exciting news to report!  We have a $5,000 donation challenge for our Cheetah Home Improvement Project.  That means if we raise $5,000 on or before Thanksgiving Day, we will receive $5,000 matching funds! 

We are very grateful for the anonymous donor who wants to help us raise funds for our new cheetah habitat.  If you are thinking of making a contribution to In-Sync Exotics before the end of this year, then you will want to be a part of this special project!  You can help us raise the necessary funds to meet this challenge by:
  1. Clicking on the Razoo "donate" button below;
  2. Clicking on our donate "paw" button (left side column of this blog) to link with our paypal page; or by
  3. Sending us a check or money order to:  In-Sync Exotics, PO Box 968,  Wylie, Texas 75098.
Paypal and mail donations must have a notation attached to the gift indicating that the payment should be applied towards the "Cheetah Home Improvement Project" $5,000 goal!

Online fundraising for Cheetah Home Improvement Project

Anyone contributing $1,000 or more will be publicly recognized (if so wished) on a dedication plaque attached to the outside of the cheetahs’ brick house. The name dedication may be made in your name or that of an honored loved one. 

We need your help so we can start building the cheetah habitat.  Please give today!

Won't you be part of the $5k donation challenge?

Past posting of our cheetahs: