Friday, November 2, 2012

Our Week in Review!

As another week comes to a close, we are reminded at just how blessed we are to have wonderful fans and donors who support our beautiful animals!  As usual, it's time to re-cap the weekly news events and add a little something extra for our fans to enjoy!

On Monday, we posted a special Who Am I teaser picture, testing our fans and volunteers knowledge of our special featured cougar.  The first person who correctly identified of our cougar plus answered the two fill in the blank questions was Colleen Butler!

"My name is Spike. I used to live in Poetry TX in a barn.
As far as we know he had never been outside that barn and was easily spooked once he was."

Colleen Butler is one of our board directors who really knows her cougars! Congratulations, Colleen!  Your small prize is "in the mail!" [wink wink]  Click HERE to read Monday's blog posting!

Are you a cougar person?  If you are, then you're going to love Tuesday's blog posting!  Janis Danner wrote her second installment of Cat-o-tonic History Lessons on cougars and their myth roles in history!  It's a great posting with an opportunity to request Cerella's ringtone!  To read Tuesday's blog posting, please click HERE!

Last Sunday we held our 1st Annual Fall Festival and Pumpkin Bash for the Cats!  Thanks to our event's photographer, Kelli, Malone, we have some great pictures to show you of the cats receiving their pumpkins!  To read Wednesday's posting and watch the special event's slideshow, click HERE!

As a bonus, here is a short video of Chloe playing with her pumpkin!

Yesterday, we introduced a humongous red barrel to our tigers!  We have a few videos of their reactions to their new toys that were placed in their playgrounds--a must watch!  Plus we provided an update on Sox's medical condition!  Click HERE for the videos and the important update!

Our fans have spoken!  We are a Top-Rated Nonprofit for 2012!  We'd like to thank everyone who wrote wonderful reviews about our mission, sanctuary, and animals on our GreatNonProfits' web page (click HERE to read our reviews)!  Once the Awards officially close on November 15, our new badge will appear on our Great Nonprofits profile and we'll be highlighted in the Great Nonprofits 2012 Top-Rated PageThe Huffington PostTakePart and Parade Magazine will be referring their readers to check out Top-Rated Nonprofits in November!  Again, thank you so much for helping us reach more people who may want to help support our mission in the future. We are truly humbled and honored by your support!

Now that the weather is cooler, our cats are more frisky! If you haven't had a chance to meet our exotic cats, Nugget and Twiggy, then now would be a great time!  For tour information, please click HERE! We have some great fall and winter activities coming up that you don't want to miss, so stay tuned for more details!

In the meantime, have a safe and wonderful weekend and we hope to see you soon--especially since the weather is much cooler and the cats are active!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Introducing The Humongous Red Barrel!

So, what do you give a tiger who already has lots of toys?  Another tire swing?  Perhaps a pretty blue ball? about a humongous red barrel? Watch Smuggler's reaction to his brand new toy on the playground!  

Now we all know how much Smuggler loves playing with his toys in the pool, so the question is, can he drag the humongous red barrel to the pool all by himself?

Thankfully, Smuggler did not break his canines when he dragged his new barrel around the playground--a testimony as to how strong his teeth are!

We also introduced the humongous red barrel to the babies one evening. So what was their reaction to their new toy?

Don't you just love those shining tiger eyes?

We'll be posting more pictures and videos of the tigers playing with their new humongous red barrels.   Will Amol get to play with one of these new toys? Just how deep is his love for the smaller blue barrels--will it turn fickle when he sees the humongous red barrel?  We'll keep you posted!

Sox Update!

Yesterday we took Sox to the vet because we noticed he drank a lot of water than normal. Since Sox was previously diagnosed as hyperthyroid, our vet drew blood so he could test his kidney and thyroid function levels. 

We have great news!  His test came back normal and his thyroid function improved!  The vet thinks Sox was just thirsty at the times we observed him drinking.  Sox continues to receive lots of attention from all of us as we let out a huge sigh of relieve that he is A-Okay!  

We may still take Sox to Trinity Mills Specialty Center for radiation treatment so he will no longer have problems with his thyroid.  If and when we decide to take him to the specialist, we'll be sure to let you know!

We hope you enjoyed today's blog posting! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more fun and informative information about our exotic cats and their friends of In-Sync Exotics! Don't forget to let us know your reaction to this posting by clicking on one of the reaction buttons below--and share this blog posting with others please ~ Thank you!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Fun!

Last Sunday, we held our 1st Annual Fall Festival and Pumpkin Bash! Despite the cold weather [brr-- 38 degrees in the morning], over 300 people showed up for this special event. We'd like to thank everyone who came out and supported our cats!

As promised, here is the slide show presentation of our 1st Annual Fall Festival & Pumpkin Bash...enjoy!


And now for some pumpkin fun details...

We were really surprised by Tjar's reaction to his pumpkin; he was so excited, bouncing around like a puppy dog, making it difficult for us to place the pumpkin in his quarters.  A decoy pumpkin was taken to another part of his quarters in the hopes he would leave the gate, so Vicky could place his pumpkin inside.  Thankfully, the decoy pumpkin worked and Vicky was able to introduce Tyjar to his very first pumpkin treat!  As soon as Tyjar heard the pumpkin's blunk sound, he ran over to it with this huge smile on his face.  He grabbed the pumpkin and jumped on top of his den, where he started chewing it.  At one point, the pumpkin fell off the den.  Without missing a beat, Tyjar pounced on the pumpkin once more and resumed attacking it--totally enjoying the moment!

We were also surprised by Shira's reaction to her little pumpkin [although in retrospect, we shouldn't have been surprised as she loves vegetables].  Shira tore into her pumpkin like a monkey on a cupcake taking out huge chunks and eating them with gusto!  Amazing!  Shira ate the entire pumpkin in no time flat!

Jynxie and Sabu also had a great time with their pumpkins.  After a little play time with her pumpkin, Jynxie carried hers into the den.  Meanwhile, Sabu took his pumpkin out to the center of the playground, making sure everyone saw him as he posed for the cameras!

Interesting enough, Aramis was a little shy with his least until the crowds left.  We think he was a little intimidated by all the people watching him, for once everyone left, he had a great time with his new "toy!"

Chloe, our cougar, really enjoyed her pumpkin as she was seen chasing it around on the playground!

All in all, the cats enjoyed their treats and we hope our guests did too!

Sox Goes to the Vet--Again

We noticed Sox started drinking a lot of water and so we thought it prudent to take him to the vet because, as you may recall, Sox is hyperthyroid.  Sox underwent numerous blood tests and we are still waiting for the results.  Our vet thinks Sox may have had a negative reaction to his thyroid medication.  So he is checking his blood to see what his kidney and thyroid function levels look like.

If Sox is having a negative reaction to his medication, then we plan to take him to Trinity Mills Speciality Center where he will undergo treatment. We will keep you posted on Sox's condition--in the meantime, please say a little prayer for our boy...

Tip You Can Use!

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We hope you enjoyed today's blog posting! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more fun and informative information about our exotic cats and their friends of In-Sync Exotics! Don't forget to let us know your reaction to this posting by clicking on one of the reaction buttons below--and share this blog posting with others please ~ Thank you!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Are You A Cougar Person?

We'd like to take a moment to say a quiet prayer for all the santuaries and zoos, like our friends at Popcorn Park located in Forked River, New Jersey and Mr. Kibo and Shira's parents, Connie & Joe, who are from Virginia, that they all make it through the storm, safe and untouched by the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy.  Just another reminder that while we do not have the power to stop the storm, we can do everything we can to survive through one.  For some great tips on how to prepare for various natural disasters, please click HERE.

Speaking of unprepared...we are still processing the pictures from the Fall Festival and Pumpkin Bash.  It looks like the story will be delayed a little bit longer.  But thankfully, da-da-da-da...Janis came to our rescue with a great story on cougars and their mytho-role in history!

So without further ado, may we present the second installment of the Cat-o-tonic history lessons as presented by Janis Danner!

Freddy, Freddy, Freedy...
...the cougar!
Chances are you probably already know that the cougar is the second largest New World cat, after the jaguar. It is in the family Felidae, and actually is closer in genetic make up to the domestic house cat than the lion. Its range is from the tip of North America (Northern Yukon) to the tip of South America (Southern Andes) and many states in between.

Pop Quiz!  Do you know how many cougars currently are residents of In-Sync? Can you name them all? Do you know who the oldest cat at In-Sync is?  If you can answer these questions without even thinking about it (like VickyKeahey can), then you really know your cougars at In-Sync Exotics!

If you read my last blog about the jaguar, then you know that the jaguar had a very rich mythical life in the culture of the major groups of indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica. Innumerable artifacts such as friezes, murals, pottery, myths etc. attest to the importance of the big cat. The major groups of Maya, Olmec and Aztec gave the jaguar the status of deity.

Surprisingly, this is not the case with the mountain lion in North America [boo]. Contrary to what is sentimentally reported in the media, the numerous tribes of indigenous peoples here did not have an overall unified reverence for this big cat, but rather it played a variety of roles in the different tribes. To those who had a more romantic mindset, the cougar was the ghost cat, or the spirit of the mountains. But to the Apache and Walapai of Arizona, the wail of the cougar was a harbinger of death. After hearing In-Sync Exotics’ own Cerella scream, it’s pretty easy to understand why!  Have you forgotten Cerella's scream?  Click HERE to hear the mighty scream of the cougar (Note:  no cougar was harmed in the taping of Cerella's scream!)

Cherokee isn't "wicked!"  She's just
misunderstood!  Love that face!!
Some tribes associated the cougar with witchcraft. Seminoles and Shawnees said it was powerful hunting medicine and the Kiowa made arrow quivers from mountain lion skins to impart strength in battle. The Algonquins and Ojibwas believed that the cougar lived in the underworld and was wicked. The Caddo peoples that inhabited the north central and eastern area of Texas had more myths and stories about the coyote than about mountain lions! Seems there were as many different roles as there were tribes.

Animal Totem Lore
According to animal totem lore, the cougar contains the energy of leadership and is graceful, balances intention, strength, and responsibility. If we listen to the cougar we learn to become the leader that people follow by choice, not by force. A cougar has the wisdom to lead through love, not through fear. Those who have cougar energy are people that are natural leaders. If no one else is leading, a cougar personality will naturally take over. Others are always safe when cougars are in charge.
The cougar is associated with leadership and can teach us about decisiveness in the use of personal power. When a cougar attacks it does not hesitate and when threatened it goes for the most vulnerable place. Like many leaders a cougar does not often show vulnerability. 
True leadership through gentle assertiveness is what cougar teaches those with this totem. Cougar people are often very sure of themselves and do not take any unnecessary steps or exert any extra energy beyond what is required of them to achieve their goals. Most cougars learn by trial and error, which strengthens them and hones their skills.
In life, cougar people may find that others will not like these assertions. Cougar people mustn’t allow others to keep them stationary—cougar people stretch their muscles and show their capabilities. Those with the cougar medicine are often attacked by others, especially by those who have grown comfortable with the status quo and do not wish to see those who have this totem grow. Even still, they may never admit when a cougar person does grow.
A cougar will leap at opportunities. Those with cougar medicine take control of their life and circumstances most effectively.
Animal Totem Lore exert obtained from:

Ancient Artifacts

Not a lot of artifacts remain with mountain lion images except in the Southwestern more arid regions. To tribes in this region, the Cherokee, Zuni, Anasazi, and Hopi, the mountain lion was a sacred animal. From these areas there are numerous artifacts that include fetishes, petroglyphs and even life size stone crouching mountain lion effigies at Bandalier National Monument.  

Lassiter on the move!

Spike?  Is that you?

Ever wonder where the mountain lion got its name?  "One folktale tells the story of Native Americans who would bring pelts to trade in what is now New York City. When the Europeans and white settlers would question why all only skins of females (given the lack of manes) were brought for trade, the Native Americans explained that the males lived far away in the mountains, playing a joke of sorts on the naive newcomers—this is why cougars, who are not specific to mountain regions at all, came to be known as “mountain lions”."
Pop Quiz:  Cougars are known by many names.  Can you name them all?  The answer is at the end of this blog posting!
With little physical archeological evidence, we turn to myths and stories to try to get some understanding of man’s relationship with the cougar. Again, these stories are varied, and include creation tales, cooperation stories between coyote and mountain lion and even rabbit. You can listen to a great 14-minute  Blackfoot tale on how the “Old Man” shaped and tamed the mountain lion to look like he does today…long and thin with ash tinged fur... by clicking HERE!  
Maybe cougars were not revered as gods everywhere, but these stories confirm that they certainly were respected and in many places cherished by the indigenous peoples of North America. This quote by Oren Lyons of the Onondaga Nation sums up a unifying thought:
 “The white man looks out at the natural world, at the animals and the plants, and he sees resources. 
The Indian looks out at the animals and plants, and he sees relatives.” 
We hope you enjoyed today's blog posting! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more fun and informative information about our exotic cats and their friends of In-Sync Exotics!

Thought we might forget to post the answer to the second pop quiz?  Here it is!  Puma concolor happens to be the Latin name for the cat of many names: Cougar. Catamount. Painter. Panther. Ghost Cat. Puma. Shadow Cat. Oh, and Mountain Lion, of course! 

So, are you a cougar person?

Don't forget to let us know your reaction to this posting by clicking on one of the reaction buttons below--and share this blog posting with others please ~ Thank you! 


Monday, October 29, 2012

Just A Little Teaser For You!

Welcome back to another busy blog week at In-Sync Exotics!  Yesterday, our animals and visitors had a great time at our first annual Fall Festival and Pumpkin Bash!  We are still downloading all the great pictures, so until tomorrow's posting, we hope you'll enjoy a couple teaser pictures taken at the event! 

Since it's been a while since we've posted a Who Am I contest picture, we thought we'd use one of the pictures taken at the Pumpkin Bash!  

First person to correctly identify and answer two questions about this exotic cougar wins a small prize and bragging rights. Simply send your response by clicking HERE and if you are the first person to respond and answer the questions correctly, you win!  Please do not forget to include your name and mailing address so we can send you a prize, just in case you should win the challenge.  The winner of the challenge will be announced on Friday's blog posting, so good luck to you!

So, are you ready to figure out "Who Am I?"

Now that you've had some time to ponder upon the identification of this wonderful cougar, let's get to the questions:

My name is ________.

Question 1:  Before I arrived at In-Sync Exotics, I used to live at ___________  ______________ and was I re-homed because ________________________.

Question 2:  Why did this cougar have a hard time adjusting to living outdoors?

Answers to these questions can be found on Our Residents page and our past blog pages!

And remember, this wonderful cougar, along with many more, are waiting to be adopted!  For adoption information, please visit our adoption web page HERE.

Mighty lion roars of thanks to all the volunteers who
helped make this event such a success!  

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We hope you enjoyed today's blog posting! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more fun and informative information about our exotic cats and their friends of In-Sync Exotics! Don't forget to let us know your reaction to this posting by clicking on one of the reaction buttons below--and share this blog posting with others please ~ Thank you!