Friday, June 15, 2012

What a Great Week!

Dear In-Sync Supporters!

Wow!  Another amazing week comes to a close and we have a lot of great information to share with you!

Let's start with Monday!  At the start of the week, we reported the best garage sale ever--especially since it was our first garage sale ever at our Wylie Walmart Supercenter! Click HERE to learn how great our event was and how much we raised!

On Tuesday, our Who Am I featured our fearless leader with  her adorable Franklin!  While we knew everyone would easily guess who the person was in the picture, we figured you'd probably didn't know exactly how special the month of June was for In-Sync Exotics!  Click HERE to learn why the month of June give us a lot to celebrate!

Wednesday & Thursday:  And now for the news everyone is waiting for...

How did In-Sync Exotics do in the Twive and Receive competition??!!  

What was our final placement?  How much money was raised?

All great questions, but first...

You should know that around 8:00am yesterday, we only had a handful of donations.  Our initial goal was set for $3,000 and it looked like it would take all day to reach that amount.  All that changed  shortly around 9:00am--that's when the donations came in fast and furious!!  It was exciting to watch.  If you were following us on Twitter, then you know we had a running commentary as to our placement throughout the morning.  First we'd be at 13th place, then 14th place, then 12th place, then back to 13th place, and well, you get the idea!  At 10:50am we had to raise the goal bar from $3,000 to $5,000!  

More exciting news!!  We not only exceeded our first goal of $3,000 but we also exceeded our second goal of $5,000!!

How much did we raise?  Well, we raised $5,455!!  Our final ranking dropped from our all time best of 11th place to 15th place--out of 231 non-profits vying for top honors!  Not bad for our first Twive and Receive, right?  You can see the final rankings HERE. Thanks to our supporters, there are a lot of people out there who now know that there is a terrific wild animal sanctuary in Wylie, Texas!

We humbly thank the 113 donors who contributed towards the care of our exotic wild animals; the 211 people who "liked" our page; and the 34 page tweets that went out on our behalf to a lot of  followers!  Thank you all very much!

Tomorrow is another exciting day for us as we are hosting our Big Birthday Bash!  Shipping boxes have been coming in all week containing exciting gifts for our animals!  For the last few days we've been getting ready for the BIG event.  According to the weather reports, it looks like the weather is going to be great for our visitors! So be sure gather your friends and family together and make tracks to In-Sync Exotics, this Saturday, starting at 11:00am!  For more information, please click HERE for our flier!

Again, thank you all very much for supporting In-Sync Exotics -- we truly have the best supporters ever!  Hope to see you this Saturday!  And remember, if you cannot make the event, you'll want to check back with us next week for some exciting pictures and videos of the event!


Team In-Sync


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Twive and Receive is TODAY!

Today is the BIG day to contribute towards our Twive and Receive campaign! If we are in the top three nonprofits that raises the most money, we will share the $30,000 award pool!  So won't you please make a generous contribution right now? 

Why make a  tax-deductible charitable contribution to In-Sync Exotics?  We are unique because we provide a loving safe haven for animals that most other sanctuaries are unable or unwilling to accept due to health or age related problems--the old, the maimed, and the unwanted find sanctuary with us.

Your donation helps provide healthy diets, medical care, immunizations, and whatever else is necessary for our animals' physical and psychological well-being!  So please make a generous donation today and help us continue our mission of caring for these magnificent animals!

Meet some of residents that rely upon donations from people like you!










"Oh no she didn't!"

"Oh yes I did!"

We'd like to thank our webmaster, Susan, for selecting a few of her favorite pictures of the animals you see above.  They are all so adorable that I'm sure the selection decision was difficult!  

Are you ready to support the animals of Sync Exotics?  Yes!  Yea!!  Please click HERE (or on the large donation box above) to make a tax-deductible charitable contribution to our Twive and Receive campaign!

We humbly thank you for your generous contribution on behalf of our lions, tigers, cheetahs, cougars, leopards, servals, bobcats, Nugget, and the rest of the In-Sync animal family!  We have the best supporters ever! 

PS:  Our comment box, share & reaction buttons are below this know what to do!  Please help spread the word about this one day special event!  Thank you very much!  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thursday's Game Plan!

Greetings In-Sync Exotic Supporters!

We are "chuffing" with excitement about Thursday's big event!  As you know, In-Sync Exotics was selected to represent Wylie and the surrounding areas in Razoo's upcoming Twive and Receive competition!

Here the game plan:

Twive and Receive will be held simultaneously across the United States for 24 hours on June 14th, starting at 12:00AM Pacific Time (3:00AM Eastern Time)! The top three nonprofits that raise the most money gets a share of the $30,000 award pool.

Our Twive and Receive campaign website is up and ready to go!  For easy access to this page, please visit our blog or website tomorrow!  You will find the link to our campaign on both pages!  If you don't want to wait until tomorrow, you can schedule a payment by going HERE.  Be sure to click on the blue line that says "schedule one for Twive and Receive 2012" in when scheduling a donation for June 14th!

This mid-year competition is very important to us because our wild animal sanctuary is 24/7 operation, which means we still have to pay our general operation bills throughout the year.  Please consider making a kind donation of $10 or more on June 14th starting at 2:00am CST.  This special event will only last for 24-hours and then it's over!

We encourage you to visit Great Nonprofits to see what our 182 visitors, donors, volunteers, staff, and board members are saying about In-Sync Exotics!  Did you know that we were selected as a 2011 and 2012 Top Rated Animal Charity?  We invite you to see read our comments and encourage you to leave one of your own regarding the care and attention we provide our animals!  You can do both HERE!

Let's meet a few of the animals that find sanctuary with us.  As many of you already know, we provide our animals with a lifetime home, realizing that their environment, exercise, and personal attention is key to their well-being.  Your donations help us provide healthy diets, medical care, immunizations, and whatever else is necessary for our animals' physical and psychological well-being.

Mercedes, our great dame, would like for you to
donate  towards our geriatric and senior
exotic cats' health care program!

Jasi our handsome serval asks you donate towards
his delicious meaty treats and toys--don't forget his toys!

Apollo respectfully requests you make a donation
towards additional enclosures, tubs and pools!

Bashful Kahn requests you donate towards
his annual vaccinations!

Kazuri loves his food and respectfully requests you
 help us buy more meat and bones for him!

Lovely Sheila requests you help In-Sync Exotics provide loving homes to
animals in dire need of assistance...

So don't forget, June 14th is the big day to make a Twive and Receive donation.  We humbly thank you for supporting our animals and sharing their stories with others who want to make a difference in the lives of our animals! 

PS:  Share and reaction buttons are below this know what to do!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Who is this Elusive Person?

Okay folks, we have a very special Who Am I today!

We are featuring an elusive individual who was last seen at In-Sync Exotics visiting the cats!  There are not very many pictures of this person on the Internet as she prefers to be behind the camera, not in front.

We were able to get a quick glimpse of her with one of her favorite kitties, Franklin, on the security camera:

Some information about our elusive person:
  • June 16th is her birthday--which coincidentally happens to fall on this years' Birthday Bash with the Cats' event;
  • She has a son and grandson, Justin and Landon, both born this month;
  • Her husband was born this month;
  • Her beloved Kenya became part of her family this month and later became the inspiration for In-Sync Exotics;
  • She misses her beloved Ranger who was born on June 12th and Boris who was born on June 13th;
  • She enjoys sharing her birthday month with the following cats:
Nadia - June 5th
Saber - June 12th
Lucca - June 12th
Kshama - June 13th
Mohan - June 13th
  • And she loves getting out of the Texas heat by going into the In-Sync Exotics' visitor center which opened on June 9, 2009!

Can you guess who this person is?  If yes, please leave your guess and any additional information about this person you'd like to share in the comment box below!  You do not have to have a Google account to leave a message. Just select "anonymous" and then sign your name at the end of the message!

We have a lot to celebrate on Saturday, so we hope you will join us for our annual Big Birthday Bash with the Cats!  We'd like to thank everyone who purchased a gift for our animals this year.  We now have enough presents for all, including our horse!  We can't wait to see the animals' reactions to all their birthday presents! For additional information about our big event, please click HERE for our flier!

We hope you enjoyed today's Who Am I?!  Please let us know what you thought of this posting by clicking on one of the reaction buttons below and don't forget to share this blog posting!  

Thank you!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Best Garage Sale Ever!

Today, we have a guest blog writer, Kim Morris, volunteer at In-Sync Exotics, who was most kind to give us an account of how the special event went on Friday and Saturday of last week!

Kim, take it away!

Thank you Wylie Walmart!
Well, on Friday June 8th and Saturday June 9th, In-Sync Exotics held its very first garage sale at Walmart in Wylie, Texas.  When we arrived at Walmart, we were told that we could use the entire area between their two front doors--which just happened to be a prime location for our garage sale!  Thank you Walmart for providing a perfect location for our event!! 

Beautiful hot sunny day!

Friday was supposed to be a collection day, but there were so many people wanting to purchase items as we were pricing them, we decided to go ahead and sell at the same time!  So, on a day that we were not really planning to make any money, we sold $625.26!  Thank you to the eight volunteers that came out on a very hot Friday:  Kim Morris, Mary Marsh, Jake Sahonick, Ruth Nimmo, Molly and Hannah Velic and board directors Ron Morrill and  Jodi Payson.

Dedicated volunteers!
Ricki (l) and Kim (r)
Saturday morning started VERY early, as we opened our garage sale at 7am.  A very special thank you to Ron Morrill, who came out and helped us unload the U-Haul, when he was not even on the schedule!  The 14-foot U-Haul was filled floor to ceiling and front to back!  Our awesome volunteers and supporters donated that much in a one day drop off event!!  There were people sitting in cars watching us set up, chomping at the bit to buy, buy, buy!  So, we started selling items as they were coming off the truck!  We had 12 volunteers on Saturday, which turned out to be even hotter than Friday:  Kim Morris, Mary Marsh, Molly Velic, Hannah Velic, Ron Morrill, Jodi Payson, Tabitha, Judy Chappa, Sue Diamond, Fawn Payson, Sara Nabus, and Ricki Hart.  Thank you all so much for your all of your help!

Our hard working crew!  Team In-Sync incognito!

Hello Hanna!
All items that were not sold were donated to New Hope church located in Wylie.  The church volunteers arrived at 8pm and picked up the remaining items and will be using it to help people in Africa. The event was a big success, with the total proceeds raised totaling $2,095.89!!!!  The even better news is that a private donor will be matching most of the funds, bringing our total amount raised  for the two-day event to $3,953.78.  Mighty lion roars and tiger chuffs of thanks to everyone who helped to make this such a successful event!

Kim Morris
Team In-Sync Member                          

Jodi Payson (front) and her mom!  Hi Mom!

Lots of treasure, looking to be discovered!

•♦•♦• •♦•♦• •♦•♦• •♦•♦• •♦•♦• •♦•♦• •♦•♦••♦•♦• •♦•♦• •♦•♦• •♦•♦• •♦•♦• •♦•♦• ♦•♦

What a fantastic two-day event!  Of course, the expectation next year is that our garage sale must be even bigger and more profitable for the animals at In-Sync Exotics!  We would like to thank everyone who tirelessly worked in the heat for one or both days--great team work everyone.  Team In-Sync is truly awesome!  To give you an idea of how much time our volunteers spent on this two-day event, you should know that we recorded 150.50 volunteer hours!!  Thank you everyone who worked this event and our gratitude to all our supporters who came out and shopped at our special garage sale fundraiser!  Thank you!
Aurora with her special ball!
What a great start to our week!  Excitement is building as we get closer to Razoo's  Twive and Receive special one-day event.  Last week we reported the importance of the mid-year fundraiser as this is the time of year when donations start to "dry up" some.  As you know, our operation is 24/7, which means we still have to pay the feed bills, the vet bills, the medicine bills, etc throughout the year.  Supporting events such as this will help us pay these bills.  Please consider making a kind donation of $10 or more on June 14th starting at 2:00am CST.  This special event will only last for 24-hours and then it's over!

We cannot help but think, wouldn't it be a great birthday surprise if we were able to share in the $30k prize monies!  So please, let your friends, family, and co-workers know about this special Razoo project by any means possible (ie. Facebook, Twitter, email, telephone, carrier pigeon).  A great showing in the Razoo competition will provide us with publicity that money simply cannot buy and help put In-Sync Exotics and Wylie, Texas in front of the national stage!

So let's get pumped up and do this for the animals of In-Sync Exotics!!  You can see our Razoo web page by clicking HERE.  Remember, do not donate until June 14th so every dollar will be counted towards the prize money!  Oh, and we would be remiss in not telling you  that you can schedule your Twive and Receive 2012 donation in advance of June 14th  by clicking HERE!  Thank you!

Sabu enjoying some birthday ice cream!
To culminate a great week of special events we are hosting our special big Birthday Bash! Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we will be giving out lots of new balls to our cats for their enrichment and enjoyment plus several other special surprises for the cats to enjoy.  You'll just have to come out to see the expressions on our exotic wild cats' faces as they play with their new toys!

Come on out and enjoy some free ice cream and cupcakes, games, bounce house, dunk tank, and a scavenger hunt!  Available for purchase:  Drinks/
Snacks, Souvenirs and Face
Painting!  To learn more about our special event, click HERE for our flier!

We would be very grateful if you shared this information on your Facebook and Twitter pages, Google+ circles, and by email to your family, friends and co-workers.  We have the ability to make this the best week ever for In-Sync Exotics!

Thank you everyone for your support!