Thursday, August 4, 2011

Farewell Grumpy -- Be Free, Be Happy

One of the saddest tasks animal care staff must face is saying goodbye to an animal that brought inspiration and love into their hearts.  This afternoon, staff and volunteers said good-bye to Grumpy, one of the Leona 6 cats, as he slipped quietly to sleep in the company of loved ones.    

Grumpy touched the lives of so many volunteers by exemplifying his desire to live and enjoy each new day.   We will never forget the day when we first met Grumpy, as we were saddened to see he could barely walk because of really long toe nails protruding from his foot pad.    After a trip to Texas A&M Veterinary Hospital to trim back his nails, Grumpy came home to live out his final year with us. 

Grumpy loved chewing on bones, sneaking into his tub late at night, and chuffing at volunteers who kept him company during the day.  A couple of volunteers were particularly touched by Grumpy, saying that even though they were going through difficult times in their own lives, seeing Grumpy fight to enjoy life, despite his physical limitations, made them realize life was precious and should be celebrated every day with friends and loved ones.

While we were sad to say good-bye to Grumpy, we are happy he joined Brooks just this side of Heaven at a special place called the Rainbow Bridge.

Species: Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)

Sex: Male
Born: September, 1991
Age:  20 years old
Called In-Sync Home:  August 30, 2010
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge:  August 4, 2011

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