Friday, September 30, 2011

Our Week in Review!

Update:  We have a winner!  Layla is the one who allowed herself to be "caught" in the roll cage this morning, and she is now ready to go to the vet for her big day!  We'll keep everyone posted on how the surgery goes.

This has been a bitter-sweet week as workers and volunteers at In-Sync Exotics continue to mourn the loss of Howard.  This cougar made a huge impact on all who knew him and we miss him terribly.

Earlier this week we received the Donor Bridge report and learned that for every dollar donated, we received a matching donation of $.97!  Donor Bridge plans on sending out In-Sync Exotics’ donation check by the end of next month.  Again, our heart-felt gratitude for your generosity and support of our animals!

Today is the last day to feed a hungry wild one via our Feed a Hungry Carnivore Campaign!  While we came in a bit short of our expectations, we are hopeful that we will make it to the ½ way point with only $130 more dollars to meet this goal!  A donation of just $10 will go a long way in feeding a wild one, so if you can, please donate today!  Thank you!

Yesterday, our President and CEO announced In-Sync Exotics is going green!  We want to be great stewards of your contributions, so we are implementing a new water management system.  But like any new program, we require assistance in getting this program off the ground.  This new water waste management system will not only ensure we are in compliance with environmental regulations, but help us conserve our valuable water resource and reduce our water bills by $500-$600 per month! 

Next week, In-Sync Cat Tales will give our readers an update on the Leona 6 tigers that called In-Sync Exotics home just one year ago!  You don’t want to miss this update, so check back with us next week for this wonderful story!

Will Eve be the first lioness to be
spayed?  Find out next week!
Plus, next week one of our former Poetry lionesses will be spayed!  We are not sure which one will go to the veterinarian until Tuesday morning.  Our lioness “24-hour sitters” are ready to keep an eye on the returning cat to ensure she does not pull out her surgical stitches.   We will keep you updated on her progress!  If you want to contribute towards the last two lionesses’ spays, please visit our donation site!  Thank you so much!

All of us at In-Sync Exotics wish you a roaring great weekend!  We hope to see you soon!

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