Monday, November 7, 2011

Getting Nose to Nose With Our Wild Cats!

Have you ever wondered what it was like to see a tiger, cougar, or lion up close and personal?  For obvious safety reasons, guests are not allowed to get too close to the sanctuary animals, but today's posting will give you an idea of what it feels like to get "nose-to-nose" with some of In-Sync's exotics!

It is always a challenge to get amazing "natural" shots of the cats, as the photographer sometimes appears to be an interesting distraction to the wild ones.  Some cats are shy of the camera, while others love being the center of attention.

At first, Okemo was a little shy of the camera. He appeared unsure of its flashing light.  

However, after spending some time with him, Okemo opened up and the photographer was able to take these amazing shots of him.

Like Okemo, Harley was a little unsure of the camera's function.  Each time the flash went off, Harley would walk back to Vicky for reassurance.   

Eventually, the photographer was able to get this adorable shot of Harley. You will be pleased to know that Harley is doing exceptionally well and is acting like his normal self again!

Apollo has the most amazing eyes.  Isn't his facial fur pattern incredible looking?


Not all the big cats were interested in the photographer and camera.  Take Kahn for instance; he barely acknowledge the camera's presence!

Looks like we may be delayed in this week's "Roar  Off" competition as Kahn decided to take a mini-vacation.  As soon as we get his vocal sounds on video, we will hold the 3rd loudest "Roar Off" competition!

So, we were off to see the Cheetah Boys!  Cheetahs are very shy cats, not trusting the photographer with a flashing camera.  The boys kept walking around their enclosure, coming a little bit closer to the camera each time, as their fear gave way to curiosity!

A little closer!

Cheetahs move very fast, so it was amazing to get this close-up shot!

The weather is getting cooler at In-Sync Exotics, so each single cat received hay in his or her den.  Jynxie decided to rearrange her hay in her den for her liking to our dismay!

Cougars are beautiful animals to watch, especially as the sun begins to set for the day. 

Surprise!  The camera has a flash!

Cougars enjoying a quiet moment before dinner.

A curious cougar nose.  Nope, no food here.

Is it time for dinner yet?

Beautiful cougar whiskers.

I think this cougar is bored with all the picture taking!


Tomorrow will feature more close-up antics of the cats from In-Sync Exotics! 

We hope you enjoyed a close-up view of just a few of the animals you can see at our sanctuary.  We hope you can join us soon to see all of these wonderful cats in person!

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