Thursday, December 15, 2011

Who Is This Mystery Santa Tiger?

You just know we just couldn't resist "decking the halls"  of  this handsome tiger's home with just a few Christmas decorations!  Who is this mystery Santa tiger?

Want a clue?  Okay, mystery tiger, pleases describe yourself!
Well, I am one of three white tigers living at In-Sync Exotics. My brothers and I did not arrive at In-Sync Exotics on the same day, but we did come from the same private breeder who could no longer care for us.

I recently went to see my dentist at Texas A&M and he had to perform some dental surgery which I did not like at the time, but now I am doing so much better! Do you know who I am yet?
Okay folks, you know the drill!  If you think you know who the mystery tiger is, please post your response to this posting (not on Facebook as we don't want to give way the correct response)!  We'll release every one's comments on Friday's posting! 

To learn more about all our mystery cats and coatimundi, please visit Our Residents' page for more fun facts and information about our animals!

Tomorrow we will report on the Christmas bake sale that was held on Monday, so stay tuned for some great news!


  1. HARLEY!! I still have your bowl too! hanging on my wall so everyone can see it :) Miss you Harley!


  2. That's HARLEY!!!

  3. That furry mug is HARLEY. On our visit a couple months ago; Harley gave me some great photos for my album. I took one look at my album to match his facial markings to verify.

  4. Well I guess Harley is not a mystery to very many people after all! Read about Harley's trip to the dentist in our November 3, 2011 posting! Great news -- Harley is doing much better now since his surgery!