Monday, April 9, 2012

An Amazing Easter Celebration!

What an amazing Easter Celebration we had on Saturday! 

First off, we just have to say THANK YOU to all our "Easter bunnies" who sent the animals special Easter gifts!  The animals had such a wonderful time receiving their presents to the delight of our guests.  Every animal received a special gift and we were able to capture the excitement on film and video.  For the next couple of days, we will be showing off our very happy animals playing with their new toys.  Some of the toys lasted only a few seconds, while others will last for several weeks to come.  So again, thank you, bunnies for your kindness. 

We would also like to thank all the folks who came out and supported In-Sync Exotics!  Everywhere we looked we saw happy smiling faces; some faces were painted with tiger stripes while other faces were covered with traces of Easter treats!  Overall, we think this event was successful in introducing our animals to the public and educate the young and young at heart on the plight of wild and captive animals.

And last, but far from least, we'd like to thank all the volunteers who came out and ensured everyone had a great time while at the same time ensured our wild cats were kept calm and stress-free from all the excitement!  Everyone did a terrific job--we couldn't have held this event without your help!  THANK YOU!

It took a lot of preparation work for this event as we made festive Easter balls, sorted through the new toys, and setup booths the night before...

Volunteers were face painted and ready to greet the guests...

And the animals took a quick nap to make sure they looked great when visitors arrived...

Our Easter Rabbit took a few moments to check on the cats before the gates opened...

And then it was time for the fun to begin!

The weather couldn't be more perfect!  We held a couple of egg hunts...

Parents, don't you wish your kids would picked up their rooms this fast?

...and a bunny hop contest!

We couldn't asked for a more perfect day!

We had food, drinks, and treats on hand to refresh everyone after they hunted for eggs and hopped for fun...

Once refreshed, it was time to have faces painted and participate in MORE games!

Our Easter Bunny made some new friends...

...while everyone anxiously awaited for the BIG moment to arrive when animal gifts would be distributed!

The following photos are just a few pictures of the animals receiving gifts kindly donated by many individuals who wanted to see our cats extremely happy!

Some toys will last awhile...

Aurora playing with her donated egg ball!

Sheila loves her donated ball-n-ball!

Tyjar's first Easter Egg Ball -- he just loved licking it!

While others only lasted a few moments...

Smuggler checking out his little egg!

Sassy checking out her egg bag!

Eve tore apart her festive Easter "ball!" 

Kazuri trying to tear apart his festive Easter "ball!"

Tyjar loved tearing apart his festive Easter "ball!"

Sabu loved the "smells" coming from his festive Easter "ball!"

What a great day for everybody--people and animals alike!  Again, thank you for making this such a successful event!  And a special thank you to our Easter Bunny, Lakshmi Nathan (In-Sync Exotics' Board Director), for entertaining our guest throughout the entire warm spring day event!

Stay tuned for more celebration pictures of the animals enjoying their new toys!

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