Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stormy Weather!

Well, yesterday was another day when the unexpected happened at In-Sync Exotics!  We knew there was a chance of rain in yesterday's weather forecast, but we had no idea that there would be a chance of multiple tornados hitting the Dallas Forth Worth area!  We are about 38 miles away from the hardest hit areas, and yet we still received quite a bit of scary weather!  Here are a few photos of the devastation:  PHOTOS

One weather report indicated that a tornado was bearing down towards Wylie, Texas.  Thankfully, we have an emergency plan that was mobilized immediately thanks to our staff and volunteers!  Everyone went to work securing our wild animals in their concrete dens located inside their quarters, just as a precaution, in the event a tornado actually hit our sanctuary.  All the wild cats were secured within 20 minutes!  Even  Katy (sanctuary dog), our little domestic kitties, and horses were secured during the worse part of the storm.

Good news is -- we are all okay; we just have a bit more cleaning up to do before our big event on Saturday! Ironically, it appears our rain chances for our Easter celebration went from 20% to 0%--so all in all, things are so bad after all!

Since we don't have a regular posting today, we thought you might enjoy this Simon the Cat video in the spirit of our upcoming celebration this Saturday!

So enjoy, everyone, enjoy!



  1. Thank God, everyone and the animals are okay!!!

  2. Vickie Gormsn-PageApril 5, 2012 at 9:45 AM

    Great plan to lock down cats out of harm's way! Congratulating in the quick work and safety of all our 2,and 4 legged friends