Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Who is this Elusive Person?

Okay folks, we have a very special Who Am I today!

We are featuring an elusive individual who was last seen at In-Sync Exotics visiting the cats!  There are not very many pictures of this person on the Internet as she prefers to be behind the camera, not in front.

We were able to get a quick glimpse of her with one of her favorite kitties, Franklin, on the security camera:

Some information about our elusive person:
  • June 16th is her birthday--which coincidentally happens to fall on this years' Birthday Bash with the Cats' event;
  • She has a son and grandson, Justin and Landon, both born this month;
  • Her husband was born this month;
  • Her beloved Kenya became part of her family this month and later became the inspiration for In-Sync Exotics;
  • She misses her beloved Ranger who was born on June 12th and Boris who was born on June 13th;
  • She enjoys sharing her birthday month with the following cats:
Nadia - June 5th
Saber - June 12th
Lucca - June 12th
Kshama - June 13th
Mohan - June 13th
  • And she loves getting out of the Texas heat by going into the In-Sync Exotics' visitor center which opened on June 9, 2009!

Can you guess who this person is?  If yes, please leave your guess and any additional information about this person you'd like to share in the comment box below!  You do not have to have a Google account to leave a message. Just select "anonymous" and then sign your name at the end of the message!

We have a lot to celebrate on Saturday, so we hope you will join us for our annual Big Birthday Bash with the Cats!  We'd like to thank everyone who purchased a gift for our animals this year.  We now have enough presents for all, including our horse!  We can't wait to see the animals' reactions to all their birthday presents! For additional information about our big event, please click HERE for our flier!

We hope you enjoyed today's Who Am I?!  Please let us know what you thought of this posting by clicking on one of the reaction buttons below and don't forget to share this blog posting!  

Thank you!



  1. Ok, thats a little to easy. It's Vicky.

  2. This Saturday is truly a day filled with lots of Birthday wishes -- Happy Birthday everyone!

  3. The Kenya clue made it easy!

  4. Happy Birthday Vicky, and to all the cats too

  5. Happy Birthday wishes to the Keahey family and the tigers! Whooo-hoo!

  6. Happy Birthday Vicky, Hope the Birthday bash is full of fun. Also a big happy birthday to all the family and big cats.

  7. Happy Happy Birthday!!