Friday, July 6, 2012

An Inspiring Week in Review!

It was a short holiday this week, but never-the-less, we still provided some great upbeat blog postings for you to enjoy!

Monday's blog posting was about our Poetry Cats as we remembered their journey from Poetry, Texas to our facility in Wylie.  It was one year ago when we received an urgent plea from the family to help relocate 20 big cats (cougars, tigers, and lions) after the passing of the animals' owner.  Click HERE for the rest of the story!

On Tuesday, we reported a special trip to the Dallas Zoo where our interns and volunteers had a terrific opportunity to learn about their veterinary care and nutrition center.  Click HERE to read about he rest of their adventure at the Dallas Zoo.

Happy Independence Day everyone!  On Thursday we posted a short patriotic poem and pictures in honor of our 4th of July holiday!  You can see this posting HERE.

Yesterday's posting was all about getting our blog readers motivated either at work or while they are on holiday after watching our "Good Morning" video!  You can see this fun video HERE.

Cheetah Enclosure Update

Despite the rain and now the hot temperatures, the cheetah "Fast Track Habitat" is finally taking shape!

Let's take a look at the work in progress!

We are excited about the cheetah habitat progress and look forward to the day when it's finally finished so the cheetahs can explore their new home!

We pray everyone had a terrific week and will make plans to join us once again as we bring you  stories, pictures and videos of our beautiful exotics animals.  Remember, we are open for tours and we would love for you to meet the animals you see featured on this blog.  For tour information, click HERE!  



  1. Awww! Franklin is helping! hahaha

    1. Actually, Franklin is "visually assisting" and "supervising" the construction team. He's multi-talented that way, you know!

    2. I love that Franklin is "supervising! He does look very much "IN CHARGE". LOL

    3. He does have that "air of authority" about him, right? From now on we should call him Franklin the Supervisor!