Thursday, August 16, 2012


Is there such a thing as a "bad mannered" tiger?  Oh yes, and we have three! Meet our "Brats," Sultan, Kaiya, and Iona!

                  Sultan                                  Iona                                  Kaiya

Our "Brats'" story:

A Texas entertainment facility purchased Iona, Kaiya, and Sultan from a breeding facility when the tigers were cubs, dragging them all over the country to be used as exhibits.  For $25 at Six Flags Over Texas and the Mesquite Rodeo, you could have your pictures taken with the cubs, until they became of age where it was no longer safe for strangers to handle aggressive baby tigers.

So, when the tigers’ usefulness ended, the entertainment facility set out to find new homes for the three cubs.  When we were contacted, we agreed to take the cubs, with the intention of keeping one as a playmate for one of our young tigers, and re-home the other two tigers to other reputable facilities. 

The relocation plans fell through, so we kept the three tigers!  We welcomed 17-month old tigers Iona, Kaiya, and Sultan to the In-Sync Exotics’ family on April 27, 2004. 

Iona and Kaiya
We learned that Iona and Kaiya were sisters and little Sultan was their  buddy. The three tigers were filled with boundless energy.  What we didn’t expect were three very unruly tigers!  From day one, the tigers were a handful—pooping and peeing everywhere and what’s worse is they played and walked through their poop, tracking it throughout their quarters on their paws and tails! Oh, the smell!! It took what seemed like forever for the tiger cubs to settle in and get used to our routine.  They were cranky.  They were demanding.  They were brats!

Each "brat" has a unique story.  For instance, did you know Kaiya is blind in her left eye which is darker in color than her right eye?  We don't know what happened to her eye only that she has a scar that extends across her nose coming from the corner of that eye.  Because her other eye is crossed it's sometimes difficult to tell what she's looking at since she seems to be looking about 10 feet to the left.

When we questioned the previous owner as to what may have happened to her, the reply was that he just didn't know.  Kaiya's vision problems don't seem to bother her at all.  She is very active and loves to play in the pool!

Sultan & his red ball
Iona has a more peaceful attitude than her sister, Kaiya. She will sit with us at the fence and loves for us to talk to her. Iona will moan and groan with pleasure just to have you by her side. We have nicknamed her "Seal" because sometimes when she moans she makes a sound like a seal. Even though she is not as energetic as Kaiya, she does love to be in the pool with her sister.

Sultan, which means king, is just that—king of the brats! Our boy has a macho attitude about him that says, "Look out everyone, here I come". He is not a bully; he just wants all to know that he is in charge, especially his gal pals.

He is very handsome tiger—he always looks like he has a dirty face.  He is very dark in color and even darker around his face. Sultan will be the first to find even the smallest mud hole after a rain storm and roll in it until he is completely covered in yuck.  He is into everything and everyone else's business (so nosy!).   Like the girls, Sultan loves to play in the water especially with the big Safari ball.  

Sultan and Iona

We just love our “Brats!”


As you know, our "Big Cats Need Dental Work Too" is off to a good start, but we still have a long way before we reach our $10k goal.  We'd like to thank everyone who has donated thus far!  Yay!  

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Special Events

This month we are hosting a B-I-N-G-O night on August 25th!  It's not too late to RSVP!  For more information, click HERE!

Next month, we are hosting Putting for Paws Golf Tournament! 

We'll pass on more great information about this special event tomorrow - this is just a preview!  Click HERE for more information about our golf tournament!

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