Friday, September 28, 2012

Our Weekly Recap of Events!

What a great week for the animals of In-Sync Exotics!  We dubbed this week's blog postings "the week of information."  We hope you enjoyed and learned a lot from our shared information!
On Monday, we reported on our 2nd Annual "Putting for Paws" Golf Tournament event!  Everyone reported having a great time "putting for a great cause." We put together a video of the event that we hope you will HERE for more details!
Tuesday's posting, Africa Needs Lions, was a little different than our usual posting as we wanted to share with you the conservation efforts underway in Africa to save the African Lions.  To learn more about the plight of the African Lions, click HERE!
Do you pamper a precious pet on a daily basis?  To you cater to her every whim and desire?  Well, we can relate!  Meet some of our pamper exotics cats by clicking HERE for Wednesday's blog posting!  Our cats simply love all the attention they get from our staff and volunteers!
Yesterday, we asked the question "Can Viagra Help Save Tigers?"  Well, to learn the answer to this question, you'll have to click HERE for an informative posting on how modern pharmaceuticals may save the majestic lions! 
We also posted a special "Who Am I?"  to see if fans could accurately identify the exotic cats posted on Wednesday's blog posting.  We had a few brave souls who gave it try and we almost had a winner, twice, but alas each person incorrectly identified just one exotic cat!
Here are the winning answers:

Kahn with a comb-over!
Purrfectly paw-icured Java paws!
Tyjar blissfully enjoys his meaty meal!
Looking very handsome, Stryker!

Duchess stealing a quiet moment alone, away from the boys...

As soon as the keepers finished cleaning the area, Stryker
just had to...well, you know...
"Clean-up on aisle one!"

Last, but not least...
Sheila enjoyed a lazy drink of water!
Now that is pampering!

We'd like to thank our brave blog fans who participated in our "Who Am I?" challenge!  Stay tuned for more chances to participate in our "Who Am I?" contests--possibly win bragging rights and a prize, just for getting to know our wild ones!
Cheetah Habitat Update!
Let's take a quick peek at where we are at today!

Another week closer to the big day... which has not been set in stone yet, but it should be soon!

We hope you enjoyed this week's blog postings and that will join us again next week for more informative, funny, and interesting blog postings on our wild ones (and their wild cousins)! Remember, we are open for tours Thursday - Friday until October 1st (that's when we change to our Fall/Winter weekend only hours), so we look forward to your visit! 
We hope you have a safe and fun weekend!

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