Thursday, September 13, 2012

We Need Your Help!

Here is our direct link to our Donor Bridge page: Click HERE.

Greetings from Wylie, Texas everyone! We'd planned to share with you a powerful conservation story with you today, but decided to put it on hold for now because we really need your help today.

In-Sync Exotics exists thanks to the vision of one woman and funding support of a lot of loyal In-Sync supporters.  Without you, there would be no special place where exotic cats, like Sabu, could live out his final years in peace.  As a loyal blog reader, you know we took several cats (exotic and domestic) to the vet this year, purchased a lot of medicine (like Nugget's expensive shot treatments), and placed our cats on special diets (like our senior and geriatric cats).  When you add up all the bills together, including our normal operations costs (food, treats, enrichment, office bills, employee costs, etc.), our expenditures can be rather daunting! 

Thanks to your kind donations, we are able to accept and care for animals that had no where else to go this year, like Gideon and Jasper!  We are hoping we can count on you once more to help us raise funds for our operating costs plus a little something extra to go towards our big cats that require dental care.

Today, from 7 a.m. to midnight, In-Sync Exotics is participating in Get Up and Give! North Texas Giving Day. On this day only, every donation $25 and above will be multiplied if you donate to us through www.DonorBridgeTX.  We plan to apply the matching funds received from the Donor Bridge towards our cats' dental care.

Here is our direct link to our Donor Bridge page: Click HERE.

Last year, several folks reported having difficulty donating because the Donor Bridge site was too busy. We’ve been told this year that they have fixed the problem. But just in case, may we recommend donating early in the morning or after 5:00pm, as the site seems to be free from congestion during those times!

We cannot thank you enough for your financial sacrifice, so our cats can continue to receive the best care possible.  We truly have the wonderful supporters who help us make miracles come true for animals without hope.
We recognize that there are many supporters out there who simply cannot afford to make a donation at this time--and we totally sympathize with your financial situation.  Perhaps you'd be willing to support us in a way that would not cost you a dime?

Tomorrow is the last day for folks to participate in iGive Dog Days of Summer.  The iGive Dog Days Charity Sweepstakes is a game where participants don't pay anything to play, and participants don't win anything or receive any personal benefit. Participation is free. The winners of the game are charities or causes listed at iGive (like us!). Winners are chosen at random from the entries of participants. The more entries for a particular charity or cause, the better its chances of winning the game.  So far, we only have six participants [say it isn't so!].
Click HERE to go to the Sweepstakes page!

What is iGive? is a unique way to support In-Sync Exotics while you shop and buy normally online:
  • Over 350,000 members choose to support their cause through their iGive membership.
  • Shop at over 1,000 online retail partners - many you are familiar with already - and a percentage of your purchase goes to your cause (as much as 26%).
  • The average iGive shopper raises $50 per year for her cause.

Download the iGive Button

Enhance your online shopping experience with the free iGive Button. With the iGive Button, you can be sure to:
  • Raise money for the animals of In-Sync Exotics with every purchase you make from over 1,000 online retail partners.
  • Save money with special offers and coupons, just for being an iGive member [cha-ching!].
  • Show how you support your community by sharing the Button with friends and family.

How the iGive Button Works

It's a simple, browser add-on that you download. It works with any computer (PC or Mac) and any browser type (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and FireFox). When you shop at one of iGive's 1,000+ online partners, the iGive Button appears in the right corner of your browser telling the retailer you are an iGive member, and alerting them to support your cause with your purchase.  Click the iGive Button to find special offers and coupons. This is a great feature because you don’t have to go to to see if your store is on the donation list—if your store is on the list, then the iGive Button pops up automatically!

Search using Google, Yahoo, or Bing and iGive parters will be highlighted in the search results so you know where you can shop to do the most good!

Join iGive. Get the iGive Button.
Change your world, one online purchase at a time.

If at the end of the sweepstakes period you no longer want the iGive Button, you can safely remove it from your computer system.  We hope that you elect to keep the Button so you can take advantage of shopping and comparing products as well as prices and donations by store.  You will be amazed at how much money (and time) you can save by using this handy iGive Button!

Click HERE to go to the Sweepstakes page!

We'd like to thank you for your support of animals as you are the life-blood of our organization!

Thank you!


  1. Was just there and made a donation - the link is working fine!

    1. Thank you very much for donating and letting us know the link works great! Yay!

  2. I second that the donation link is working well.

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