Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Movers and Shakers at In-Sync Exotics!

Whew! We've been very busy at In-Sync Exotics this month!  So far, we have greeted two new servals, Mr. Kibo and Shira (more on the pair later this week); we moved the cheetahs, Sam and Kodi, into their new "Fast Track Habitat" (more on this pair later in the week); and we welcomed Quisto, a very shy ocelot to the In-Sync Exotics.

To shake things up some more, we decided it was time for the bobcats to move into the now vacant (former temporary cheetah home) York Palace.   Chance, Lydia and Isaac moved from their quarters (next to bobcats Otis and Moses) to York Place last Wednesday.  Jasper, not wanting to miss out in all the fun, moved from the lynx area to join the three bobcats.

Since Chance, Lydia and Isaac have lived together for awhile, we weren't sure what kind of greeting Jasper would receive from the cats--would he be greeted with purrs or hisses? 

What about sweet Gideon?  Is now a good time to introduce him to Jasper, Lydia, Chance and Issac?  Will he be accepted by all or chased out of York Palace?

Let's see how he does with Lydia--does she accept or reject the boy?

The meeting went very well--no hissing or screaming at all!  Now it's time for Gideon to meet Chance--should we be worried?   

Looks like Gideon fits right in with the other bobcats!  It may be awhile before we can allow the young bobcat to stay over night at York's Palace--for now he will have to make due with scheduled play dates with Chance and Lydia!
We are very happy at how fast the cats adjusted to their new quarters.  They still have a climate controlled house where they can escape their adoring public's eyes or to stay nice and toasty warm during the cooler fall nights. 
Once getting over the idea of moving, Lydia decided to explored the entire area--checking out every sight and smell of her new home.
Jasper and Isaac have claimed the highest platform inside the house.
 Isaac also has a favorite place picked out outside....

One touching scene caught our eye...

Chance had a great opportunity to explore the upper level of York Palace, but instead he chose not to leave his little buddy, Gideon, behind...

Here are a few more pictures of the bobcats settling into their new home--enjoy!

Chance and Isaac enjoying a "bird's eye view" of their new home!

Isaac is moving up in the world!

Lydia and Gideon relaxing together

Gideon strutting around like he owns the palace!

"You smell good, Gideon!"

"Is that Vicky's scent I smell on you?"

"You are a lucky, bobcat, Gideon!"

"Let's check out our new digs together!"

Next Spring we plan on putting down some more grass for our bobcats to enjoy.  Unfortunately, the grass we put down earlier this year for the cheetah has already expired due to the heavy rains [sigh].
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  1. I did the Great Non Profit! It was easy to do! I hope you win!!!! Makes my heart happy to see all the cats moved into their new place! I'll see you all soon!
    Jean Robb

  2. I wish you had a YAY reaction check box :). Great post. Loved Chance and Gideon together what a day brightener.

  3. OHMYGOD Gideon got so BIG!!! O_O

    What a sweetie he is. And I'm glad you have some new members!