Thursday, November 15, 2012

Building A Cheetah Mound!

Now that the cheetahs have settled into their new home, it was time to add a little "height" into their lives.  In the wild, cheetahs live in open grassland or the Savannah in Africa.  This gives them a panoramic view of their prey before they break into a fast chase.  Cheetahs are not known for climbing trees, but they will climb small mounds to get a better view of the land.

Thank you, Zach!
Building the cheetahs' mound was on our "things to do" list, but thanks to a determine Boy Scout and his "crew," we were able to scratch off this task from our list!

After reviewing our "to-do" wish list (for volunteer groups that would like to help us by improving the grounds or animal play areas), Zachary Robbins from Boy Scout Troop #57 asked if he could design the cheetah mound, recruit volunteers, and build Sam and Kodi's new habitat feature as part of his Eagle Scout Project. We reviewed his plan and gave him the green light to build!

Last Saturday, Zachary, his father and mother, Mark and Nancy Robbins, and his "crew" of about 20 people came out prepared to make a difference in the lives of our cheetahs.  We hope you enjoy this short video of their hard work, rendered for a great cause, to the satisfaction of the cheetahs!  We are thrilled with their work too!

Thank you very much Zach and "crew" for your hard work! No doubt we'll be seeing Sam and Kodi  enjoying their new "height" while sunning themselves on the new cheetah mound for many years to come!

And the Suspense Continues!

Please be patient a little longer as we should be announcing, very soon, the cost and pre-ordering procedures for our beautiful new calendars.  Our apologies for the delay...please stand by for more details!

Big Cats Need Dental Care Too!

Please up Tyjar receive his dental
treatment!  Thank you!
First of all, we want to thank the 24 donors who graciously contributed towards our cats' dental work, raising thus far, $1,955! Unfortunately, it seems we've reached another plateau on our Razoo project "Big Cats Need Dental Too!" We still need to raise about $8,045 so that four tigers and one lion can receive root canal therapies and one tiger can receive root canal therapy and a tooth extraction. We hoped to schedule all the dental surgeries, ideally before the big cats "Turkey Toss" event, but it looks like it may be a bit longer.

Can we count on you to help us with the cost of the big cats' dental surgeries? $10 or more will make an impact on the dental health and well-being of our animals. By making a tax-deductible gift, you are making a positive difference in the lives of our beautiful cats! Please click HERE to make a charitable contribution today.  Thank you very much for your kind donation!

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  1. I love how you can hear one of the lions roaring in the background. ;)