Friday, January 11, 2013

Farewell Spike -- Run Wild And Free Forever...

Dear In-Sync Exotics Family:

It is with a very heavy heart to announce the passing of Spike, our beloved former Poetry cougar. 

Spike let us know yesterday evening that his body and spirit was tired and he was ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge to join his companions, Kane and Howard.  Even though we are saddened because the Lord called our Spike home, we are comforted in the knowledge that he will not cross the Rainbow Bridge alone--he has Kane and Howard waiting for him on the other side. 

Spike at the 2012 Christmas Party
As you know, Spike was challenged with a serious health condition.  On May 3, 2012, we took Spike to Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine to learn why he was having difficulty walking. At first, we thought he might be having some age-related issues seeing how he is 17 years old at the time. While Spike had no problems running and playing, we noticed that he did have problems walking at a normal pace, sort of like he had inebriated hind legs. 

Preparing Spike for his MRI
MRI images showed us that Spike had two ruptured discs, one found on his neck and the other on his upper spine. We were presented at that time with two options: bed rest and recovery or surgical treatment. We opted bed rest for Spike, hoping that surgery would be the last resort and recovery from this type of surgical procedure may be difficult for our senior cougar. 

For months, we limited Spike's movements in the hopes that his spinal issues would resolve themselves. Unfortunately, several months later, we have noticed Spike walked in an unusual manner once again. Video was taken of Spike's movements and sent to Texas Texas A&M for review. After watching the video, the veterinarian agreed to examine Spike in the hopes that there was something we can do for his back and legs.

So on November 13th, Spike went back to Texas A&M for more tests.  He received a Convenia injection and was placed on several other medications. Sadly, there was nothing they could do to repair the damaged to his two ruptured discs.

Here's looking at you, kid!
Ever wonder how Spike got his name?  Well, believe it or not, Spike used  to behave aggressively towards us--especially when we first met him in Poetry, Texas.  He was like one of those gang members that just dared you to touch him.  As soon as we brought him home, his attitude changed.  He quieted down and starting seeking attention from us.  He definitely was  the alpha male of the cougar group as he loved to chase after the “ladies” causing them all sorts of grief.  When he stopped causing trouble, we knew his time with us was coming to an end.

Spike, is survived by Chloe, our last Poetry cougar, and she shares her enclosure with Cerella, Cherokee, Sierra, Crimson, and Lassiter.

We invite you to attend Spike's memorial service at Pet Memories located in Rockwall, Texas.  His service begins at 11:00am today.  For directions, please click HERE.

If you would like to make a donation in honor of Spike's memory, please click HERE.  Thank you.

July 19, 1995 - January 10, 2013
Run Wild & Free, Sweet Spike…


  1. Spike, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life.
    You made my life better with your motorboat purrs and the twinkle in your eyes.
    Run free and say hello to Keenan, Howard and Kane for us all when you cross over the Rainbow Bridge.
    Oh yea, please don't give the girls to hard a time up there.
    Love and miss you terribly.

  2. I didn't even know Spike but am crying as I read your blog about his passing. Thank you for taking such good care of him and all the other wonderful kitties in your home so they can live as long, comfortable, happy and healthy lives as possible.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words... Spike was truly loved...

  3. Rest in Peace Sweet Boy! May you be happier in Heaven than you ever were here on Earth (and boy were you happy at In-Sync)! Big Hugs, Kisses and Lots of Love and Tears for you Sweet Spike! Enjoy Heaven with Kane and Howard! XOXOXO :'(
    Patricia (Meowiemomma)

    1. Thank you, Patricia for your kind words you wrote on this blog and on our Twitter page. Spike was a very precious cougar and we miss him very much...

  4. This just makes me cry so hard,at the loss of such a beautiful animal. I'm so glad he is not in any more pain,and that he is with his forever friends in heaven.

  5. AS having been a owner of 4 cougars myself until their passings well I know how heavy your hearts are at this time of the passing of precious Spike. He was a handsome fellow. He is now running with no pain in his step and he was happy to have had you all taking care of him in his last year and half.
    God Bless all of you and what you do to help these precious animals. Wish I lived closer as would volunteer for sure on helping with these babies.
    RIP Spike. :(

  6. One of the worst things about being responsible for animals is knowing when it's their time to go. It's brutal and awful and horrible and heart wrenching. But know that you gave him a life of love and affection and comfort *and he knew it*, and that you gave him the peace and dignity at the end he would *never* have had in the wild.

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