Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Former Leona 6 Tigers Love Their New Pool!

It was another scorching day at In-Sync Exotics this last weekend; with temperatures hovering above the century mark once again.  And wouldn’t you know it, it turned out to be a perfect day for the tigers to enjoy the cool, refreshing tiger pool!

A small crowd that braved the summer heat over the weekend had the opportunity to watch the cats’ reactions as they tested out the pool for the first time. 

We had hoped Grumpy would be the first one to shoot out of his quarters to check out the pool, but unfortunately, Grump decided to cat nap instead.

So we turned to Kazuri for his reaction to the pool.  As soon as the gate opened, Kazuri ran straight for the pool.  Interesting enough, this large tiger seemed a little intimated by the water at first.  He sniffed the pool, he walked around the pool, and then he sniffed it some more.

We were finally able to entice Kazuri into the pool with some chicken drumsticks that were placed on the pool’s edge.  When Kazuri “accidently” knocked one of the drumsticks into the pool, he bravely jumped in to retrieve the item. Did Kazuri recapture the elusive chicken leg? 

You’ll have to watch the videos to find out!

Next to test the pool was Abrams. 

When Abrams first entered the playground, we thought for sure he would run straight to the pool.  Instead, Abrams checked everything (and I mean everything) out before approaching the pool.   Once Abrams’ painfully long examination of the new “item” on the playground was completed, he finally decided to enter the pool.

Bravely he walked around in the water, hissing and splashing around in the deep end until his wet tail smacked the water, causing him to quickly vacant the pool.  Silly tiger!  Thinking the waterfall looked a little safer; Abrams decided to climb up to the top of the waterfall and posed for pictures. What a handsome tiger!

As to Apollo, well, he simply ignored the pool for about an hour until he decided it was time to cool off.  He slowly walked into the pool and simply laid down in the shallow end.  Apollo used to live in In-Sync Exotic’s “Tiger Country” and so his former playground had a pool; needless to say, his reaction to the new pool was considerably low-key in comparison to the other tigers.

Interesting enough, Stryker loves water from the hose, but was terrified of the pool!  This big cat would not even approach the pool until he was enticed to check it out.  After staring at the pool for a few moments, Stryker decided to back away slowly from the water’s edge, just in case it decided to jump out at him!  We figure he will eventually learn to love the pool as much as Abrams does now.  Baby steps, Stryker, baby steps.

Grump continued to nap through the entire event…

Well, that concludes the description of the tigers’ adventure with their new pool.  We would like to thank everyone who contributed towards the Leona 6’s pool, honored for Brooks who passed away earlier this year.  We believe Brooks is still looking after the former Leona cats, as they enjoy their new pool that was built especially for them!


On July 29, 2011, Apollo was spotted enjoying the pool!

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