Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Who Am I?

It's time to test your knowledge of In-Sync Exotic residents!

First person to identify and answer one question about me wins a small prize and bragging rights.  Simply send your response via the comment box and if you are the first person to respond to the challenge, you win!  So, are you ready to figure out who I am? 

Can you identify me yet?

Once you have put  my picture together, visit http://www.insyncexotics.org/ to find my matching photograph and biography.

Now for the Questions:

Question #1:  Who am I?
Question #2:  What is my nickname?

Employees and long time volunteers are not eligible for prizes since you see me all the time!

And remember, I am incomplete without you -- won't you adopt me?  http://www.insyncexotics.org/Adopt-A-Cat.html

Good luck everyone!


  1. Do i count? i was only there for three months! lol! LUCCA! lucca-loo! i miss you! and all the babies!

  2. Remember, Amanda, there was a second question to the challenge! Do you know the answer to the second question?

  3. i always called her lucca-loo or even lovely lucca :)

  4. Oh darn! Even though these are adorable nicknames for the Lucca, your answer to #2 is still incorrect! Here's a hint -- Lucca's bio can be found on the In-Sync Exotic web site! Good luck!

  5. ooo well now i feel dumb... lol, i should have know that one. FISH!

  6. Folks, we have a winner!!

    Congratulations to Amanda W for answering both questions correctly!

    Amanda, does In-Sync having your mailing address on file? If not, or if it changed, please let us know so we can mail you your prize! Our email address is insyncexotics@aol.com. Please put in the subject line that you are the Blog Winner for 7.26.11. Thank you, and again, congratulations!