Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crazy Cat Tales!

Written By:  Colleen Butler, Board of Directors-Donor Relations

On Saturday I was cleaning Chuffin enclosures and it just so happened that neither Abrams nor Stryker was on the playground so I had to hose their area from the outside.  As I was spraying out Abrams quarters, I became increasingly annoyed with a small pile of leaves that kept eluding me for they were located in the middle of the enclosure!  And on top of that there was another pile of leaves hiding behind his blue play barrel! 

Thinking that it was impossible for Abrams to understand what I was saying to him, but trying to vent my frustration anyway, I asked him to grab the hose and spray the middle of the cage for me.  Silly I know, but he didn't seem to mind the conversation.  Of course, nothing came of it.

I continued spraying from the playground side of the cage doing my best to get those pesky leaves moving in the right direction. Needless to say, Abrams kept walking in and out of the hose spray, getting in the way of my object of pursuit; I think he not only enjoyed the water, but felt like he was part of the cat and mouse game I was playing with those leaves.  

So, I struck up another conversation with him.  This time, I asked him to move his blue play barrel so I could get those illusive leaves.  He walked right over to his barrel, inserted his head and walked off with it!  Thanks to Abrams I was able to blast out the leaves once and for all!  You know, I think Abrams actually understood me and did what I asked!  I know, I know, you think that his understanding of my desire to remove the leaves from his home was totally unbelievable and unrealistic, but hey, I like my little world!

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