Thursday, August 11, 2011

URGENT: Emergency Appeal For Your Help!

Please make a charitable contribution today!

Over the last several years, In-Sync Exotics has been blessed with a continual stream of donations used to rescue, house, feed, and provide veterinarian care for our animals. 

However, this year we have been hit hard by the current financial and economic conditions, as faced by all Americans.  For the first time in In-Sync Exotics’ history, contributions towards our animals’ care significantly dipped to its lowest level ever.  This could not have happened to us at a worse time as we took in several animals that simply had no other place to go and needed to be treated for a wide range of life-threatening ailments.

Even though our financial situation is grim right now, we made a previous committed several months ago to accept three more cats that should arrive at In-Sync Exotics within the next three weeks! 

We would hate to have to turn these wonderful cats away as we gave our word months ago to accept these animals.  If we have to turn away the three big cats, chances are it will be very difficult for the current authorities to place these animals again as sanctuaries are “bursting at the seams.”  So literally, we are these cats’ last hope for a peaceful and happy life.

We need your help today!  Without your continued support, we may face a severe financial crisis that could affect our continued operations.  I hate coming to you today with this dire news, especially in light of the financial upheaval in the stock market this month.  While we know you would like to make a significant donation to In-Sync Exotics’ cats but cannot afford to do so at this time, we are hoping you can make a smaller gift of $10, $20, $50, or even $100 this month.  No donation is too small!  Can you help us out today?

We are rolling out new ways to donate to In-Sync Exotics very soon, to help us with our $18,000 veterinarian bill which we incurred just within the last six weeks.  In the interim, we come to you with our In-Sync Exotics’ cap in hand, asking you to make a gift for the animals’ care, in any amount you feel comfortable with at this time.

Thank you so much for support In-Sync Exotics – you are the life-blood of our continued operations – without you, we are incomplete.

Warm Regards,

Vicky Keahey
President, CEO
In-Sync Exotics

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