Friday, August 19, 2011

Sabu's Prayers Are Answered!

In-Sync Exotics is one of the few facilities in the United States willing to take in older cats with serious health conditions because of the time, patience, and money it takes to rehabilitate these animals.

Case in point:  Three months ago, we took in Sabu from a closed Texas animal sanctuary, and treated him for several ailments to include a severe vitamin A deficiency. 

Sabu, an older cat, could barely walk straight when he arrived at In-Sync Exotics.  Often his hind legs moved in one direction while his front legs moved in another.  To give you an idea of Sabu's health condition when he first arrived, take a look at this video:

Often times, animals displaying this type of health issues are euthanized.  However, we recognized immediately what was wrong with Sabu.  Our veterinarian placed Sabu on a special diet, medication and prescribed lots of Vitamin A.

Three months later, we were able to capture on video this amazing miracle!

Sabu can run again!! 

We never gave up on Sabu, despite all the nay-sayers who told us that Sabu would never enjoy a healthy quality of life again!  We proved the experts wrong; that with a lot of love, compassion, medical treatment, and a healthy environment, Sabu would not only walk again, but he would run!

After seeing this wonderful transformation, won't you please consider adopting Sabu so we can continue improving his quality of life?  Adoption information can be found here.  You can also make a one-time gift towards Sabu's medical bills and his vitamin A treatments by clicking here.

We cannot thank you enough for supporting In-Sync Exotics-- for without you, big cats like Sabu, would not have a second chance to enjoy their senior years.


Sabu running after the ball surprised us all, so the video resolution is not the best.  However, we thought you'd like to see the video anyway!  Hopefully we can capture Sabu running again when we are more prepared!

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  1. I was there the day he was running in the playground! He was having SO much fun running around and chasing that ball! Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera, so I yelled into the radio asking anyone with a camera to come and video it. Lakshmi made it over there, but only at the end of his performance. The video isn't great quality, and only catches the end, but he was having a blast, and it was so awesome watching him RUN and play!!!