Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another Poetry Cat Saved by Spay Surgery!

Well, yesterday it was Eve's turn to visit the doctor's office to have her spayed and it was a good thing she went to see her vets!

For you see, her veterinarians Dr. Chuck Kerian and Dr. Toby Wallace found a mass on her uterus, about the size of a small orange!  The mass was removed and sent off to be biopsied.  The vets thoroughly checked Eve to ensure there were no other masses in her body before suturing her up.  

Eve is home, awake and doing well after her spay surgery.  She is even "barking" at people if they get too close to her!  Eve has made it very clear to us--no pictures until she is feeling better!

Thankfully the veterinarians found the growth on her uterus which undoubtedly saved her life.  That makes two Poetry lionesses saved by spay surgery!  If you would like to help pay for Eve's surgery, please visit our donation site.  Life-saving surgeries, such as Eve and Layla's, would not be possible without your help! So thank you for saving these beautiful lions!

PS.  See Special Message About the Upcoming 3rd Annual Tiger Trot!

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