Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Are You Ready to Rumble, Round 2?

                    Welcome everyone to what should be an interesting match-up between The Poetry Girls  and the White Boys!  


Folks, we have some amazing lions getting ready to compete in this week’s “Roar Off” competition.

Which lion group do you think will take home the title of Round 2’s “Loudest Roarers?”  Will it be the Poetry Girls or the White Boys?

I don’t know, I think both groups are pretty well matched – this competition could go either way!  Let’s see what the audience decides – so, without further delay, let the “Roar Off” begin!  Turn up your speakers and be prepared to be blown away!

First up is Poetry Girls as they demonstrate to us why they should win the title “Loudest Roarers” at In-Sync Exotics!  Let’s hear it for the girls!

Not to be outdone, the White Boys are ready to show off their vocal skills in the hopes of capturing the title of the “Loudest Roarers!”  Go boys!

 Just as thought, another tough competition between two amazing groups of lions!

It’s time for the audience to decide who should be crowned the “Loudest Roarers,” for Round 2 of the Great “Roar Off” competition!  Are you ready to vote?  Of course you are – so vote!

The winners of Round 2 will be announced on Friday morning, so check back to see who won the title of "Loudest Roarer" this week!
If you want to get an idea of what it sounds like at In-Sync Exotics as the sun sets, play both videos at the same time!  Be sure to turn up the volume! 

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  1. For sheer volume I had to vote for the boys, but if you had us vote for sheer adorableness, the girls win paws down!