Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Giving Was A Smashing Event!

Yesterday we had a terrific showing of about 200 guests as they watched the big cats receive their pumpkin treats!  Some the cats responded excitedly to their pumpkins, while others, such as Spike who obviously never saw a pumpkin before in his life, looked at the pumpkin with some trepidation.  

We are very grateful for the donation of 80 pumpkins!!  The cats had hours of enjoyable fun with their pumpkin enrichment on Sunday. A big roar of thanks to everyone who brought a pumpkin to In-Sync Exotics; and a special roar of thanks to the United Methodist Church for providing us with a bunch of pumpkins and to Casey's Pumpkin Patch in Frisco, Texas for their donation of about 40 pumpkins!  No doubt the pumpkins will be providing the cats with lots of fun throughout the week!

There were five pumpkins entered in the pumpkin carving contest.  All contestants received an In-Sync bracelet, 3rd and 2rd place winners received a ribbon and the 1st place winner was awarded a ribbon and an In-Sync Exotic Tee-shirt!

Here are just a few pictures of the cats with their pumpkins!

Spike is not sure what to do with his pumpkin

Kshama liked chewing on her pumpkin!
Amol checking out his pumpkin
Sheila playing with her pumpkin!

Emma, Saber, and Lucca people watching

No pumpkin bash would be complete without Aramis attacking his pumpkin treat!

Isn't Aramis adorable?  Let us know what you think of playful antics!

More great pictures courtesy of Kelli:

Judge Vicky checking out the pumpkin contestants!

1st Place Winner
2nd Place Winner

3rd Place Winner

"Tag--You're it!"

Aasha and Smuggler

"My pumpkin!  Stay back!"

"Mine..mine..all mine!"
Lots and lots of pumpkins!

And more pumpkins!

Sheila looking smug with her pumpkin!

"Come here my pretty, pretty pumpkin!"

"Never letting you go!"

"Nobody better touch my pumpkin!"

"Why all the excitement?  I'm much cuter than a pumpkin!"

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  1. What you didn't see after this video was Aramis put his pumpkin under the platform and then ran around the platform jumped up on it and was running from side to side to 'peak' and the pumpkin. Looked like a puppy (sorry not a kitten) with a bone! Too cute!