Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekly Round-Up at In-Sync Exotics

Well, we started with the week with some rather sad news--Raja passed away on Sunday, October 23, 2011.  Raja is survived by his cage mate and sister, Jasmine, and his offspring, Samu. 

Jasmine is slowly coming to grips with the loss of her beloved Raja and we are very working to help her through her grieving process.  Jasmine is slowly spending more time outside her den, but we can still hear her crying for her Raja at night.  We pray time will heal her broken heart.

On Tuesday, we announced the winners of the "Roar Off" competition, Round 2.  With 85.2% of the vote, the White Boys won, paws down, this round of the competition.  While the Poetry Girls gave it their best, they just didn't have the lung power of Jazz and Shazam!

Our Who Am I -- Mystery Birthday Serval was such a mystery that no one posted the correct answer on the blog!  We did notice, however an accurate response on our Facebook page.  Congratulations to Michella K Ballard's response:  "Nefertiti. Happy birthday sweetheart!"  If you have an opportunity to visit us during this much cooler weather weekend, be sure to wish Nefertiti a Happy Birthday!  Nefertiti is now 3 years old!

Yesterday, we posted an educational article about the plight of the wild tiger and provided some information about our white tigers, Harley, Kazuri, and Kiro.  Sadly, no one was adventurous enough to post guesses to the three questions posed at the end of the blog article, so here are the questions again, and their answers:

Question 1:  Which tiger above has crossed-eyes?

Answer 1:  If you look real closely, to Harley's picture, you will see that he is cross-eyed!

Question 2: Which tiger is going to Texas A&M Veterinarian Medicine to check on his palate?

Answer 2:  Harley!  Harley's appointment was rescheduled due to the A&M's dentist out on a family emergency.  His new appointment date is November 2, 2011.  

Question 3:  Where are the three tigers from?

Answer 3:  Leona, Texas!

Well, this ends another busy week at In-Sync Exotics!  We hope you can attend our Pumpkin Bash scheduled for October 30th from 11AM - 3PM!  Come out and watch our cats receive pumpkins plus each child under 13 years of age will receive a free goody bag.  Treats for the cats and the kids! 

So come on out for a tiger-smashing-pumpkins good time!


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