Monday, November 28, 2011

A Happy Monday Story!

Everyone at In-Sync Exotics hopes you and yours had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday!  As you can imagine, we were pretty busy this weekend with tours and the Turkey Toss event that was held last Saturday.  We will cover the Tiger Trot and the Turkey Toss in tomorrow's post, as we couldn't wait to share with you some happy news regarding two of our older tigers, Jasmine and Okemo.

You may recall 17-year old Okemo was rehomed from the now defunct Wild Animal Orphanage earlier this year.  Okemo was never really comfortable around his tiger neighbors in Chuffing Country as he was inhibited by their loud commotions and bolsterous attitudes.  So the decision was made to relocate Okemo to different quarters so he could finally find some peace and quiet.

On October 23, 2011, Jasmine's brother and playmate passed away leaving Jasmine alone and feeling quite lost.  Every day, 19-year old Jasmine cried out for her brother as her lonliness weighed heavy on her heart.

So, on Sunday, Okemo, with the help of a lot of bribes (shank bone, turkey parts, and finally a whole turkey) enter the vet chute, where some blood was finally drawn for routine medical tests.  Okemo is really shy of the vet chute and roll cage, so it took a lot of patience before the blood sample could finally be obtained from this older tiger.  We should have the results of his blood work soon.

Once Okemo was secured in the roll cage, we placed a large blanket over it so he would not be spooked by all the other cats as he was slowly wheeled down to Aladdin's Castle.  Okemo was transported through his "new" playground to the newly installed vet chute, where his roll cage was lined up perfectly with the chute so he could safely enter his new home--right next to Jasmine!

Jasmine has been chuffing up a storm since Okemo's arrival.  It is obvious she welcomes Okemo's company as she chuffs and extends her forehead towards Okemo in friendship.  Okemo also seems content to have an older female tiger next to him, alternating between chuffs and hisses.  Okemo  also extended his forehead towards Jasmine in friendship.  It's great to see these two tigers getting along together so well on their first day, spending quality nose-to-nose time together through their vet chute during the early evening hours!

Jasmine only cried once today since Okemo's arrival to Aladdin's Castle.  She cried when Okemo, after exploring his new home, went into his warm den to relax.  Since Jasmine could not see him, she started crying out to him.  It was such a touching sound to hear--Jasmine crying out to Okemo for company.

This evening Jasmine and Okemo shared several more chuffs before retiring to separate dens.  We haven't heard Jasmine cry out again, so we cannot help but believe we made the right decision in paring these two senior tigers side-by-side together in separate quarters so they can enjoy each others' company during their twilight years together; Jasmine will no longer be alone and Okemo finally found peace and comfort in his new quarters. 

Don't you just love a happy Monday story?

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