Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wednesday Wrap-up -- Released Early Due to Great News!

Yes, that's right; we are wrapping up this holiday week early due to the Thanksgiving holiday!  Your In-Sync Exotics blogger is going to take the next few days off from writing to enjoy the holiday with friends and family.  But before we sign off for the week, here are several important notices to ponder!

Yesterday, the Chase Community Giving Program ended and we painstakingly waited all afternoon for the final results.  We checked the results page often to see when the announcement would be made and our patience paid off!  Guess what???  We came in at #72 with 1530 votes!  That means In-Sync Exotics will receive $25K from Chase Community Giving!!  Yea!!! 

Congratulations to everyone who voted for In-Sync Exotics and making a difference in the lives of our animals!  Needless to say, we are overcome with excitement and gratitude!!

Friday, November 25th, you're invited to spend "Christmas With the Cats" at In-Sync Exotics! Watch the exotic cats under the twinkling Christmas lights that will illuminate your path as you tour our facility with hot cocoa and cider to help keep you toasty warm.

The crisp weather excites the cats so you will be sure to see lots of big (and small) wild cat antics!  

Would your group like a private "Christmas With the Cats" night bone treat tour?  Then you'll want to reserve your very own VIP Group Tour (10 people maximum) today!  Click here for more information about his special event!

You just have to join us, this Saturday, November 26th, for our annual "turkey toss" as our cats will receive lots and lots of prepared turkeys!  Children 13 and under can participate in a cookie decorating contest to win a prize (based on age group).  Children can also participate in free arts and crafts!  Kids, don't forget to submit your coloring page of Emma, as the winner of this contest will be featured on this blog!  Coloring pages and more information about the event can be found here or at our visitors' center.  For more information about this event, click here!

For the next several weeks, everyone will undoubtedly be busy, busy, busy shopping for gifts and treats!  Please do not forgot our animals...they need presents too! 

We have several ways you can help support the cats (some ways are even tax-deductible for 2011), such as:

Our new on-line Gift Shop!  You just have to check out our gifts this year as they are absolutely adorable because they feature our very own cats!

Our on-site Gift Shop!  We have great travel mugs, t-shirts, magnets, etc., and soon hoodies, caps and calendars!  Hopefully the last three items mentioned will be available for purchase next week!

Our cheetah "Fast Track Habitat" on Razoo!  Our cheetahs need a cheetah specific habitat area and your donations can make this possible for them!  Please consider making a special donation to this project.  All proceeds will go directly to the cheetah home improvement project!  Your gifts towards this project are tax-deductible!!

Our wish list!  Our cats have a Santa list too and would love a visit from their secret Santa this year and donated items are tax-deductible!!  Some of the gifts the cats are asking for this are: 
v  Plastic Buckets
v  Rubbermaid Bins
v  Plastic Trash Cans (NO Wheels)
v  Large indestructible Balls (6" - 33 ")
v  Scents (Perfume, Spices, Catnip)
v  Toys made for large Dogs (NO Rubber)
v  Large PAPER Garden/Leaf Bags
v  Large Kongs
v  Boxes (NO Tape or Staple)
v  Large/Medium Rawhide Bones (plain)
v  Hanging Stall Apple
v  Little Tykes Playsets/Houses
v  Plastic Coffee Containers (clean)
v  Plastic Detergent Bottles (clean)
v  Traffic Cones/Barrels
v  Hard, Plastic squeaky Toys
v  Grocery Store Gift Cards
v  Large Pooper Scooper
v  AVON Skin So Soft (protects the cats’ delicate ears from flies!)

Shop and donate programs!  Did you know that when you shop at Albertson's, Kroger, and Tom Thumb a percentage of your sales will go to the cats! 

Don't forget to do your Internet shopping through www.igive.com or www.goodshop.com so you can help support our cats!  Just choose In-Sync Exotics Wildlife & Education Center Exotics as your charitable organization, shop at 100's of participating on-line stores, such as Travelocity, Barnes & Noble, JC Penney, Apple, iTunes and even eBay, and In-Sync Exotics will receive a percentage of your sales!

Traditional donations via Paypal or by check!  We could not operate without traditional donations to cover the costs for animal care and operational expenses.  Your donations ensure our cats receive the very best diet, medical care and loving, enriching environment. Best of all, traditional donations are tax-deductible!!
We also want to thank the volunteers of In-Sync Exotics. They come out rain or shine to care for the animals, including on Thanksgiving Day.

Operating a sanctuary is a 7-day week commitment and regardless of the day of the week the animals’ quarters must be cleaned and the animals fed and watered. Medicine still needs to be dispensed and the animals continue to require loving attention from the staff.

So, two paws up and a mighty lion roar to all the volunteers who will work this holiday, including those volunteers who feed and care for the animals on the night shift often leaving In-Sync Exotics late in the evening (and then going to their regular jobs elsewhere the next morning)!

Oh what the heck--huge roars of approval to all of our volunteers who help make In-Sync Exotics what it is today—a safe haven for exotic wild animals that simply had no other place to go!!! Our cats are truly blessed you chose to volunteer at our sanctuary—thank you!!

As we sign off for the week, the animals and staff wishes everyone a safe and fun-filled Thanksgiving Day!


  1. No thanks necessary. It is the cats we must thank. They help us keep our sanity and for some fulfill our life long dream.

  2. Remember also our bake sale coming up on December 12th. Here are the details: http://bigsislilsis.com/5o3

    100% of the proceeds will go directly to the big cats. Our goal is $4,000 and we're working on getting matching! Happy Thanksgiving!