Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cats on the Move!

One never knows what to expect when pairing exotic wild cats together--some get along just great while others, not so great. 

You may recall we had high hopes of integrating Aramis, Aurora, Layla, and Eve together.  We started off with reintroducing Aramis and Aurora together last month.  So far, both Aramis and Aurora are getting along just great!  Then we introduced Aramis with the other two girls, Eve and Layla earlier this month

Aramis and Aurora
December 21, 2011
Unfortunately we had to give up our plan to integrate the four lions together because Eve and Layla displayed signs of aggression towards Aramis.  So we decided it would be in the best interest of the lions if we paired Aramis and Aurora together and Eve and Layla would be housed in separate quarters.

So while our best laid lion plan did not work out the way we'd hoped, it turns out that our new plan worked out in such a way that now all four lions are happy!  Interesting enough, not only did our lion pairing plan changed, but so did our cougar pairing plan.

Our plan of housing Spike and Chloe together, both former Poetry cougars, also did not work out as we originally hoped.  Even though the cougars came from the same location, they were not actually housed together until they were paired with Howard in the same quarters earlier this year.  When Howard passed away, we hoped Chloe and Spike would live harmoniously together.  Sadly, this was not meant to be.

It became obvious these two cats would not stop hissing and avoiding each other, no matter how much time we gave them together, so we decided to separate the two cougars.

As of last Thursday, we moved Chloe in with Lassiter (male), Sierra (female), and Cherokee (female).  Spike moved in with three cougar siblings Crimson (female), Keenan (male), and Cerella (female).  So far, everyone seems to be getting along just fine.  We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that their new living arrangements remains permanent! 

Later today we plan to introduce Chance to Issac and Lydia.  All three cats seem interested in each other, so we are hoping the three bobcats will "get along famously!" 
Our goal in pairing wild cats together is to make sure they are happy and compatible.  We pray our latest pairings work out for our lions, cougars, and bobcats.  We will keep you updated on their progress!

Don't forget, we are on a special holiday schedule!  We are open all week, so come on out and visit our cats!

Monday – Friday (December 26 – 30, 2011) – Open for tours from 11am to 5pm
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