Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Katy's Upcoming Surgery

One of our special animals at In-Sync Exotics, a favorite of our volunteers and interns, is undergoing surgery early next year. 

Meet Katy, a six year old black Labrador, who was brought to In-Sync Exotics in the Spring of 2006.  Katy was found abandoned in a graveyard, sitting a top of her doggy pillow with her toys and bowl scattered around her.  One of our volunteers brought Katy to In-Sync Exotics where she now spends most of her days "helping" out our volunteers, guarding the meat "mobile" and chasing off hungry raccoons from from dusk until dawn, seven days a week.

Last year, we became concerned when Katy started limping around the sanctuary.  We took her to the vet where she was x-rayed and placed on Cosequin.  Cosequin for dogs is a joint supplement that contains glucosamine and chondroitin to maintain healthy joints.  Katy's stride improved and she resumed her rambunctious activities, providing us with lots of love and attention at In-Sync Exotics.

We took Katy back to the vet's office last week because she was limping once more.  Another set of x-rays were ordered and this time the vet noticed she had a torn menisci.  To correct the problem, Katy must undergo surgery on January 3, 2012 at her vet's clinic.  A visiting board certified surgeon will perform the surgery by making a cut into the top of the bone, rotate it to change the angle and then a metal plate will be affixed keep the bone in place. Over several months, the bone will heal into its new position and Katy should see a partial improvement within days.  It will take a couple of months for the bone to heal properly; therefore, our challenge will be to keep Katy sedate and off her paws as post operative rest is crucial to her healing process.

Generally, long term prognosis is very good for our Katy, and she should be pain-free once again very soon!  Interesting to note, the metal plate does not need to be removed unless problems occur later.

As with any surgery, complications are possible. So please say a prayer for our Katy next week as she undergoes this surgery.  Needless to say, this surgery is a little more expensive than traditional surgery ($2,000), but we believe Katy deserves the best medical care possible.  She may not be a tiger, but she has the heart of a lion!

Special Note:  The results of the "Roar Off" competition will be announced this Friday along with a special surprise!  Thank you for your patience!!


  1. Love her so much and am so happy to hear she is getting such good treatment!

  2. Katy pooh makes my day with her happy eyes and wagging tail every morning I see her....we will for sure say an extra prayer for her as she is in our prayers every night already!! We love you Katy...