Friday, December 9, 2011

Week in Review--And What A Week!

Another exciting week at In-Sync Exotics comes to a close! 

We started the week off with news about the much anticipated In-Sync Exotic calendars!  We expect the calendars to be ready from the printers today, so if you live the local area you should be able to pick-up your calendar this weekend!

We'd like to extend a very special thank you to Motheral Printing for donating their printing services and to Clampitt Paper Company for donating the paper for our 2012 calendar!  Their tremendous generosity made this calendar possible--so two big and small cats' paws up to both companies!  We cannot thank you enough!

On Tuesday, we covered the introduction of Aramis and Eve, two former Poetry lions, as they finally meet nose-to-nose in the same quarters for the first time at In-Sync Exotics!  For the last few weeks, Aramis  spent quite a bit of quality time with Aurora and Layla without incident.  We were a little anxious about the introduction of Eve to the boy because she does have her fangs and claws, while Aramis does not.  But fear not!  It looks like Aramis and Eve are getting along just fine!

Aramis and Eve!

Wednesday, we provided an update on the cheetahs' "Fast Track" habitat fundraising project on Razoo.  With the combined funds raised on the project site, private donors, and Chase Community Giving Program, we are only short about $5,000 to make the cheetahs' dreams of a specialized habitat just for them come true!  We pray we can raise the needed funds by the end of the year so we can start breaking ground in January. 

If you can make a contribution towards this very special project, no matter what the size of the gift, we would truly appreciate it and the cheetahs would love it!  Thank you!!

Great news was abound on Thursday!  First, we reported on the health status of Crimson and Chloe.  We were blessed to learn that both Crimson and Chloe are doing so much better than originally expected! 

Veterinary care is an important part of our animal care program, so whenever we can catch a potential health issue before it becomes a major problem, we know we are fulfilling our mission in providing the animals with top-notch health care!

Next came the great news that Global Federation Animal Sanctuary's director, Patty Finch, stated in yesterday's press release that "The veterinary care at In-Sync is beyond great.’ Not surprising news to us, but it was certainly welcoming recongition of our efforts as we provide our wild ones with the best medical and enrichment care possible!

Needless to say, we will have more exciting animal updates to share with you next week, so be sure to check back with us daily!  Also, if you haven't noticed, we have added more wonderful products to the gift store.  Have you seen our Otis and Keenan mugs yet?  They're adorable!  We'll be adding more products to the store each week, so be sure to check back often! 

In the meantime, don't forget about the fabulous bake sale fundraiser event benefiting our animals on Monday!  Great gifts for your family, friends, boss, co-worker, client, etc, are waiting for you to purchase at the Premier Place Building's Lobby from 8am to 6pm!

If you haven't had an opportunity to see the wild cats under the twinkling Christmas lights, then you're in luck!  You still have several days left to see our firsky wild ones at play--click here for the "Christmas with the Cats" tour schedule! 

Everyone here at In-Sync Exotics hopes you have a wonderful and safe weekend!

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