Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Four Happy Animals!

Last Sunday we made a couple of animal moves that will enhance our bobcats and coatimundi's quality of life.  We decided to move Chance, Lydia, and Isaac into a larger space formerly occupied by Nugget.  We moved our coatimundi closer to the commissary into what used to be the former bobcat enclosure.

Chance checking out his
bobcat neighbors

This move allows all our bobcats to be located in once central area, giving them the opportunity to check each other out.  We will continue to keep Moses and Otis separated from  their three new neighbors, but they can see and hear each other through the Plexiglas window se-parating their heated dens. 

Two surprised bobcats enjoying their
heated den!

All five bobcats seem very happy with this new arrangement as now Chance, Lydia, and Isaac not only have their own heated den, but they also have their very own playground to enjoy.

Isaac and Chance in their heated den

Chance seems to be doing very well living with Isaac and Lydia.  Lydia, an older bobcat, likes to "mother" the youngster while Isaac has become quite buddy-buddy with his new playmate! 

Nugget checking out his new "digs"

Meanwhile, Nugget also appears very happy with his new living arrangement, happily chirping and spending more time with volunteer staff when they arrive to clean out his quarters.  Nugget is having a ball digging around his raised dirt-filled play area!

Tigers Kiro and Tacoma enjoy watching Nugget's antics, completely fascinated with this little furry creature playing around in his new home.  Nugget, on the other hand, appears to be oblivious of the extra attention he's currently receiving from the two tigers living across the way from him!

Nugget's new quarters is only temporary.  Once the new serval enclosure is built, the servals will move into their new home and Nugget will occupy their former quarters.  This will give Nugget the opportunity to explore and climb around his new environment, plus scavenger around for tasty morsels to his heart's delight.

This will be an exciting year as we build new homes for our animals, so you'll want to stay tuned for the latest construction updates!


  1. Are coatimundis lone animals or group animals?

  2. That's a great question! Please stay tuned for an upcoming blog story on coatimundis that will address and answer your questions regarding these unique little animals!