Thursday, January 12, 2012

Who Is In-Sync Exotic's Honorary Cat?

Okay, just who is this “honorary cat” In-Sync Exotic mentions in various blog postings and Twitter comments?  What is a coatimundi and where do they come from?  Are they solitary animals or do they live in groups?  Why does In-Sync Exotics have only one coatimundi?

These are all great questions! 

First, meet Nugget!  Isn't he just adorable?

Nugget is a 7 year old South American Coati, also known as a Ring-tailed Coati and his species is native to Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay and Venezuela.    Normally, these cuties with teeth and claws weight about 8 to 13 pounds and total length is about 3 feet or so with half of its length being its tail!

South American Coatis are diurnal animals, living both on the ground and in trees, but are often found scavenging and poking through cracks and crevices in search of tasty morsels amongst the leaves in their native forests.

Nugget loves to eat fruit, eggs, and small bugs as he is omnivorous. His favorite treat is peppermints, Jolly Ranchers and cinnamon pop-tarts, shrimp, and will devour creepy, crawly things, especially long, juicy earthworms!  Yum-my!

Like most males, Nugget is a solitary animal, while the females enjoy living in large groups, called bands consisting of about 15-30 females and their offspring.

Nugget likes to make little squeaking sounds when he is happy to see us and if something frightens him, he’ll make a run for it.  Please do not cough around our coati because the sound frightens him!

Nugget is protected from natural predators such as foxes and jaguars.  The average lifespan of a coatimundi living in captivity is about 14 years.

Where did Nugget come from?  Well, Nugget was originally purchased from a pet store in Plano. However, when the owner's neighbors complained about having an exotic pet in their neighborhood, Nugget's new owner was forced to get rid of him. He sold Nugget back to the pet store owner who decided to keep this cute, little guy himself.

Because he was in the process of building a new home, Nugget went to live with the pet store owner's father-in-law until the house was completed.

However, upon completion, Nugget was no longer wanted. Because the father-in-law didn't want this cute, little guy either, he called In-Sync to see if we had room. During Nugget's 3-4 month stay with the father-in-law, he was housed in a 2'x3' crate, which appeared as if it had never been cleaned.  There were multiple food bowls filled with molded food and feces, no fresh water and inadequate shelter.

Nugget had burns on his body from wallowing in his own urine.

Before coming to us, he had never seen a veterinarian nor received any routine vaccinations. Nugget's personality won us over immediately. He is very affectionate and loves company and to have his back scratched.

Nugget is very acrobatic and loves to entertain anyone willing to watch.  So, when you come out to visit, please say a special "hello" to our "honorary cat" named Nugget!



  1. Diurnal actually means that they are active during the day.

  2. You are absolutely correct CheetahTears15! Thank you for the information!