Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Good News Abound!

We've been so busy with our new arrival, we haven't had a chance to catch you up on our latest news!

Exciting donation matching news!  You may recall last year Corby Bryant, Janet Bryant, Kristen and Lauren Poleski, and Susan Moore baked their hearts out for us during their annual Christmas bake sale, raising  $4,175 for our animals!  Well, we have more exciting news to report!  The company that Corby, Kristen and Lauren work for, Venable Royalty, Ltd., matched their fundraising efforts bringing their donation total to $8,350!!  Thank you so much, Venable Royalty, for matching the ladies fundraising efforts 100%!  We are very excited by this news and we wanted everyone to know how grateful we are for the matching donation!  Yea!! 

Cheetah Home Improvement Project:  We are moving forward on the Cheetah “Fast Track Habitat” project!  Funds were secured last year, construction plans were made, and we are now getting ready to begin construction in March 2012.  We are hoping to have the cheetah’s new home completed  so the cheetahs will have an early summer move-in date.  We will keep you posted on the construction of Kodi and Sam’s new habitat!

Calling all bowlers (and non-bowlers alike)!!  Tomorrow we have a special bowling spirit night at Strikz Bowling in Frisco (Texas).  Bring in this flier tomorrow night from 6-10pm, present it at the time of you pay for bowling and In-Sync Exotics will receive 20% of the group sales!  Bring your friends, your family, and your co-workers to Strikz Bowling for some group fun and excitement, with the added bonus that you are helping the animals of In-Sync Exotics!  Now go on out there tomorrow night and bowl ten strikes in a row for the animals!

A Sabu Medical Update!  You may recall, when Sabu first arrived at In-Sync Exotics in May of last year, his Vitamin A level was at 16.  Well, we received his recent blood results, and we are happy to report his Vitamin A level continues to climb!  He is now at 144, as he makes progress towards his goal of 200.  Congratulations, Sabu!!

For all you Sabu fans out there--we have his Ringtone available!  If you would like to add Sabu's Ringtone to your cell phone, let us know and we'll email you his soulful sounds right away!

Our Latest Razoo Project -- Big Cats Need Vaccinations!  We'd like to thank everyone who has donated thus far towards this very important health care maintenance program for our animals.  Even though are animals may not be looking forward to the BIG day when shots are administered, we look forward to making sure all our animals are inoculated against viruses that may potentially harm our animals.  If you wish to donate towards this most worth cause, please visit our Razoo project site!

Not only do our animals receive shots, but we also administer "wormer" medication twice a year to make sure they are not infected with any internal parasites, such as roundworms or tapeworms.  Again, another important health care maintenance program our animals anxiously look forward twice a year!  We begin the winter "worming" this week.

Tyjar Update:  Today, Tyjar spent some quality time in the playground for the first time.  At first, he was a little apprehensive about venturing out to the playground, which is normal as this is unknown territory for the boy.  But with a  little treat encouragement, we were able to get Tyjar out of the living quarters and onto the playground.  The first thing he did was sniff the tire swing, checked out the pool, and spent the remaining time sniffing every rock and blade of grass.  He was curious about the den, no doubt sniffing other tigers' odors, left behind by his neighbors in Tiger Country.

Tyjar spent a lot of time chuffing with Vicky as she stood out in the rain, spending quality time with the boy.  Now that's dedication!

Valentine's Day!  And finally, Valentine's Day is about 19 days away and counting!  Don't forget to visit our "Romance Shop" for beautiful cards and gifts!  Guys, to keep your sweetie warm this winter, think Kami Pajamies or Kashma Pajamas!  Ladies, we have a several mugs to choose from to keep your guys' coffee hot!  So visit our on-line gift shop today so your special some one's gift will arrive on-time this Valentine's Day!

And vote for us today! 

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