Monday, January 23, 2012

It's Vaccination Time!

Well, it is that time of year again when we must vaccinate 75 animals living at In-Sync Exotics! 

That means all our exotic wild ones plus our domestics require two shots each in order to be vaccinated:  one for Rabies and the other for RCPC (Rhinotracheitis [Feline Herpesvirus], calicivirosis, & panleukopenia).  It’s going to be a long day, when we begin vaccinating 75 animals, but it will be worth it! 

For you see, it’s very important to vaccinate our exotics wild cats and domestics as a number of diseases can be passed back and forth between the two feline species.

You may be wondering why we administer RCPC combination shots to our felines.  Simply put, Rhinotracheitis vaccines help prevents upper respiratory infection of cats caused by feline herpesvirus (also known as feline influenza). 

Viral respiratory diseases in cats is serious because it can be passed from cat to cat quite easily as it is highly contagious.  Another cause of feline respiratory disease is feline calicivirus, which is why we treat our cats with the RCPC combination shot containing calicivirosis. 

Feline panleukopenia virus also known as Feline distemper, or cat plague, is a viral infection affecting cats, both domesticated and exotic wild felines. It is caused by feline parvovirus, a close relative of the type 2 canine parvovirus. Once contracted, it is highly contagious and can be fatal to the affected cat.  So all our cats are also vaccinated against this virus as well.

Needless to say, the cost of vaccinating 75 animals can be rather expensive!  This year, In-Sync Exotics will spend about $2,025 to vaccinate all its animals, administering 150 doses at an approximate cost of $27 per animal! 
We created a special Razoo project in the hope that you will help us with our animals' vaccination program this year!  Here is the link to our Help Big Cats Receive Their Annual Vaccinations Razoo project page!

Our vaccination goal amount may be smaller than our other Razoo projects, but the need is just as great.  Just $15 will cover the cost of one shot for one animal, while $30 will vaccinate the same animal for one year.

Since we are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit sanctuary, gifts made to this project are tax deductible as allowed by law.  So please, won't you help us vaccinate our animals today?

We humbly thank you for your kind and considerate contribution towards our animals' vaccination program!


Say it isn't so!  We've dropped to fourth place on the GreatNonProfit Review!  If you haven't had a chance to write your review, now would be an excellent time to do so!  Thank you!

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