Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our First Who Am I for 2012!

It's our first Who Am I of the year!  Can you guess name of the animal pictured (the tiger silly, not the monkey!)? 

First person to identify and answer two questions about me wins bragging rights.  Simply send your response via the comment box and if you are the first person to respond to the challenge, you win!  So, are you ready to figure out who I am? 

Now for the Questions:

Question #1:  How much did I weigh when rescued?
Question #2:  Am I a male or female tiger?

Good luck everyone!
And remember, I am incomplete without you -- won't you adopt me?



  1. Saber is the cat, she weighed 7lbs at rescue, and she's a female tiger.

  2. Congratulations to Jamie Vaughan! You correctly identified and answered the two questions about our mystery tiger! You truly know your In-Sync Exotics' tigers!

    Isn't Saber a beatiful tiger and she has such an interesting story! To learn more about our terrific tigers,visit Our Residents web page at:

  3. Thanks! I kind of feel like I cheated, I could recognize Saber from almost any angle in almost any weather...