Friday, January 20, 2012

In-Sync Exotics' "Other" Residents!

Just when you thought you've met all the In-Sync Exotics wild ones, Cat Tales presents a few more residents for you to meet!

First off, we have Twiggy!  Twiggy is about 12 years old and she joined the In-Sync Exotics family in 2009 under some rather unusual circumstances. 

Prior to her arrival, Twiggy was diagnosed as having cancer on her face.  Her previous owner no longer wanted to be emotionally attached to an animal with cancer, so she decided to place the horse on Craig's List. 

An In-Sync Exotics volunteer saw the ad and purchased Twiggy for $500.  Wanting to make sure this horse had a good, safe home, she asked us if we could accept her.  After looking into this horse's beautiful eyes, we knew we had to say "yes!"

Today, Twiggy keeps Missy, Vicky's private horse, company.  In the video below, you can see 34-year old Missy rolling around on the ground while Twiggy watches her companion's antics!

We not only has exotic wild cats, but we also have 13 adorable domestic cats.  Here are just a few adorable pictures of cats you might see when you visit us:

Somehow Sox and bills simply do not mix well together
Sox is quite the character and is probably the most affectionate, people-oriented cat than any  of our domestic cats!

Franklin spying on Sailor across the soon-to-be new home for the cheetahs!
Franklin actually belongs to Vicky and you'll often seen him accompanying his owner around the property.  Sailor, seen in the background, is rather shy and is often seen strolling solo around the grounds. 

Reebok is affectionately known as the office's paper weight!

"My paw is faster than your hands--stay away from the keys!"
Spirit, our oldest cat at about 16-years of age, can often be found relaxing in the office.  Spirit is also known as the "keeper of the keys" and will swat unwelcome hands away from them!

Meet Obi (foreground) and Patty (background) -- both cats
are often seen patrolling the grounds.
And finally, let us introduce you to Shoes!  As you can see, Shoes likes to snooze...

Shoes' doing what Shoes does best!
When not snoozing, Shoe can be found chasing butterflies, crickets, and grasshoppers--he is such a versatile animal!  Shoe is our youngest domestic cat at 1 1/2 years old.

So next time you visit In-Sync Exotics, take a look around and see if you can spot our little domestic ones and our horse, Twiggy, too!


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