Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Great Information for You!

It’s Time for a Cheetah Home Improvement Project Update!  

Very soon we shall be breaking ground on the new cheetah habitat! Below is a sneak peek at the new habitat schematics—now keep in mind as you review the plan, this habitat will be about 14,500 square feet! As you can imagine we are very excited to get this project underway. We are hoping to have the Cheetah Home Improvement project completed within 70 days or so from the day we break ground, barring any unforeseen challenges.

Razoo Update

We would like to thank the wonderful donors who contributed towards our Help Big Cats Receive Their Annual Vaccinations Razoo project!  We not only met our goal of $1,025, we exceeded goal by $170!  The left over dollar amount will go towards our summer deworming program!  Thank you everyone for your kind support as we work hard to provide the best care possible for our exotic wild ones!

Spring Fever

So?  Do you have any plans for Spring Break this year?  How about a road trip to In-Sync Exotics!!

Our exotic wild ones are feeling frisky, so you'll want to come out while the weather is great!

We are All a Twitter!

By the way, did you know we have a Twitter account?  Tweet with us at!/Insync_ExoticsWe will be posting updates on the animals daily so you can keep up with the latest In-Sync Exotics happenings!

Are you a loyal Cat Tales blog reader?  Join us!  So far, we have 25 members and we would like to grow our numbers.  To join, click on the "Join this Site" button located on the right margin (above our ASA accreditation seal). 

Great news if you haven't purchased an In-Sync Exotics' calendar yet!!  We are selling our dwindling supply of calendars featuring our gorgeous animals at 30% off!  Regular prices were:  $18 (in store) or $20.50 (mailed).  30% sale prices are now:  $12.60 (in store) or $14.35 (mailed). 

Here's how you can order by mail:
  1. Click here to pay by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express). Credit card payments can be made using our secure PayPal processor, so click on the "Donate" button to start the credit card transaction!
  2. In the "purpose" box, please indicated the number of calendars purchased and where we should ship the calendar(s). If shipping calendars to more than two destinations, you may have make separate purchases on-line so as to accommodate the text size of the addresses typed in the "purpose" box.
  3. Remember, during the holiday season, mail takes a little longer in reaching its destination, so you'll want to order your calendars before December 16, 2011 so it will arrive before the start of 2012! 
If you want to pay by check, you can mail your calendar payment to:

In-Sync Exotics
PO Box 968
Wylie, Texas 75098

Remember to include the name and shipping address of the calendar(s)' recipient(s).

Here are a few more pictures of Sam and Kodi enjoying their lounge bench!

Move over!!
Privacy please!

Last, but not least, we have a new supply of hoodies available!!

Thank you Karin for your help in showing off one of our caps and hoodies!  Our incredibly warm hoodies are $55 each and our hats are $20 a piece!  If you'd like to have one mailed to you, please contact Insync Exotics for shipping costs; else they are available at our on-site Gift Shop, while supplies lasts!

We hope you found this posting informative.  Be sure to check in with us tomorrow for more great stuff!


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