Friday, March 2, 2012

An Emotional Week in Review

We started the week off with a blog posting titled “Cougar Call.”  Our readers learned why cougars cannot roar like our mighty lions at In-Sync Exotics.  As a special treat, Cerella demonstrated what her cougar “scream” sounds like to our readers.  Rest assured, no cougar was harmed in this demonstration.  Cerella was only expressing her displeasure of Spike (who happens to live "next door" to her) as he walked past at the time her "song" was recorded. 

On Tuesday, we introduced you to three of our cross-eyed cats, Harley, Kaiya and Freddie, who live normal lives at our sanctuary.  We also discussed what causes certain cats to be cross-eyed.

Wednesday’s blog was filled with great information about our cheetah habitat plans; an update on our Razoo project (which exceeded expectations!!); Spring Break invitation: our discounted calendars; plus more hoodies and caps available in our on-site gift shop!  Did you know we have a Twitter account?  Well, you do now!  Tweet with us at @Insync_Exotics as we update you on the latest In-Sync Exotics happenings!

On Thursday, due to popular demand, we posted the second installment of our Tiger Cam videos.  Nadia, one of our curious tigers, takes a special interest in the tiger cam video camera.  You have got to see what she does with the camera!  

We also posted a video from our Dallas NBC affiliate.  It was a great interview video showing some of the “behind the scene” production of the tiger cam videos.  Vicky and Barry gave some great information why the ingenious tiger video cameras were situated throughout the tigers’ playground.  A must see video!

Of course, the tiger cam videos are leading up to "The Tigers of Texas" documentary!  We provided our audience with a little sneak peek.  Have you seen it yet?  If not, you can see the video HERE.

March 2-4:  In-Sync Exotics will have a booth at the 30th anniversary of the North Texas Irish Festival located in Dallas' Fair Park.  The festival is a 3-day celebration of all things Celtic: food, music, costume, history, and culture.  So if you can, come out and visit us at this great event!

Okemo relaxing and grooming himself
We close this posting on a rather sad note.  We received Okemo’s cultures results this week and the news is not good—Okemo, our beautiful tiger, has squamous cell carcinoma that has spread to his jaw bone.

Normally, tigers with this type of condition may have up to six months to live, but unfortunately, we don't know when Okemo became ill.  Our vet believes he may have been sick for quite a while, prior to his arrival to our sanctuary, so we have no idea how much “time” he might have left with us.

Okemo is in good spirits and he is eating well.  Sadly, there is nothing we can do for him since the cancer destroyed a good portion of his jaw bone.  We will continue to monitor his progress and make sure he is as happy and comfortable as possible.

So, as you can see, this week has been an emotional rollercoaster for us.  We are thrilled with the tiger cam videos and the media coverage they have received this week; we are very proud of our animals and we just love showing them off! 

Of course, receiving the heartbreaking news of Okemo's plight highlights the reason why we exist in the first place; we provide love and comfort to animals needing our help during their most difficult life moments.  We are grateful we are here for Okemo and we will work very hard to make his remaining time with us is happy and comfortable as possible.  After all, he’s family.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and don't forget, we are open on Saturday and Sunday for tours!  Thank you!


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