Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Intern and Old Traditions Do Mix!

Once the sun sets, the bones given out, and the animals fed, it is time for the late night Sunday tradition to begin!  Several years ago, we started a “bone race” where five tigers raced through an empty adjacent enclosure looking for one hidden bone.

Mohan, Saber, Lucca, Nadia, and Emma have gotten pretty good at finding the bone, no doubt because we have limited places where we can hide the tasty treat; it’s just a matter of time before one tiger finds the bone first!

Our five tigers usually mind their manners as they search for their bone—no fighting allowed; however secretly spiriting away the treasure from one another is allowed!

Poor Mohan!  He worked so hard to find the bone, but before he could enjoy it, Emma spirited it away!  Next time, Mohan, next time...  While the bone is the ultimate prize, the other four tigers get to enjoy a few tasty meat pieces as consolation prizes!

Our tigers enjoy using their natural talents to find the hidden treasure since it keeps them on their tiger toes.  Fortunately, we have really great staff, interns, and volunteers working hard to keep our tigers in tip-top shape everyday!

Velkommen til In-Sync Exotics, Sascha!

Please welcome our new Intern, Sascha Myrthue!  Sascha traveled all the way from Taastrup, Denmark to intern at In-Sync Exotics;  no doubt about it, Sascha traveled the furthest to get to In-Sync! Thanks to the World Wide Web, Sascha found our website and was intrigued with our exotic wild animal programs.  She is pursuing a zoology degree and one of the school requirements is she must intern at an exotic wild animal facility, putting her newly acquired knowledge to the test.  Since she is fascinated by big cats, Sascha decided In-Sync Exotics would be the perfect place to intern.

We've already put Sascha to work!
Sascha comes to us with zoo animal experience as she worked for the Lintrup Safari Zoo Park for a year.  Sadly, the zoo she worked at did not have any large exotic wild cats—just the small cat variety, such as Lynxes and Servals -- she even worked with Hyenas and Dingoes!  So needless to say, our large tigers are quite fascinating to Sascha!  She doesn’t have a favorite exotic cat yet, but we figure by the time she returns home next month, she have several big cats she’ll be following for years to come by way of our blog and Facebook pages, all courtesy of the World Wide Web! 

Welcome to In-Sync Exotics, Sascha!

Interested in our Internship Program?  Click HERE for more information!



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