Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nugget's Afternoon With The Vet

Nugget, our adorable coatimundi, had quite a day yesterday as he had a scheduled appointment with his veterinarian.  Why did he need to see his doc?  Well, a few weeks ago, we noticed that Nugget had what looked like a rash on his “hind quarters.”  Concerned that this might be a bacterial infection, Nugget’s living quarters were thoroughly cleaned, top to bottom, with a disinfectant, and he was administered Clindamycin.  This type of medication is used to treat certain types of bacterial infections and we hoped this would resolve the issue.

When it appeared that the rash was not going to go away, we decided it was time Nugget went on a road trip.

Road trip!
So we enticed our coatimundi in his transporter, with the assistance of some dog food tossed inside the cage, and whisked him away to the vet’s office.

Up to this point, Nugget was very cooperative...until he entered the examination room.

In order for the vet to examine Nugget, he had to be sedated since coatimundis have very sharp teeth and they can move very fast in small quarters.  Sedating the little coati turned out to be rather challenging.  Who knew this little guy could move so fast, dodging the tranquilizer needle at every turn of his tail!

Time to bring in the comforter!
After several attempts to sedate the little guy failed, a large comforter was brought in to fill in the transporter’s “extra space,” essentially trapping Nugget in one corner of the cage. 

Success!  Nugget was sedated and his examination began shortly thereafter.

Not knowing what type of bacterial infection Nugget may have, a biopsy and culture was taken and sent off for testing. 

Meanwhile, the vet thoroughly cleaned the infected area and we were directed to continue giving Nugget his Clindamycin. 

While Nugget was fast asleep, the vet administered his annual vaccinations and drew blood to run chemistry and CBC profiles, just to make sure there was nothing else going on with our little coati.  Plus he received a thorough brushing and had his nails trimmed--he looks so handsome!

Hopefully, we will learn what type of infection he acquired very soon, but until then, the vet ordered a change in Nugget’s sleeping quarters.  

Nugget sleeping in his modified "house"
with his favorite blanket
He wanted to make sure that Nugget did not sleep on a hard surface where his “hind quarters” were not properly ventilated.  Instead, he recommended that a flat elevated board with ventilation holes be placed in his “house” so air would continue to circulate around his body while he slept.  

Nugget happy to be home again!
Last night, Nugget was feeling a little sleepy from his trip to the vet, but over all he seems happy to be at home again.

We will keep you posted on Nugget’s recovery and pray that whatever ails our little coati goes away real soon!

If you would like to make a donation towards Nugget's health care, we thank you!  Donations can be made HERE.


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