Thursday, March 15, 2012

Easter Excitement!

We are very excited about our upcoming Easter celebration!  Thanks to some of our "assistant Easter bunnies," we have already received some Easter gifts for our animals.  We cannot wait to distribute the balls, bones, barrels, "eggs", and Kong toy to them--the looks on our animals' faces when they see their new toys will be priceless.  So if you are planning on attending the Easter celebration event, be sure to bring your camera in order to capture those special moments!  Huge lion "hugs" to our "bunnies" who have sent our animals gifts so far!

Now, it's not too late to become a "bunny!"  We still have a lot of animals that will not receive a new toy this Easter without your help. 

A few of our animals would like to share with you their special wish gift for Easter:
10" teaser ball (with holes):  Freddie (cougar) likes to bat these around his area!
10" Balls (no holes): We have seen Jett (yellow-spotted leopard) knocking one of these balls around, but of course as soon as he notices we're watching him, he stops and acts like he is WAY too dignified for such nonsense!

 24" rawhide bones:  Aasha and Smuggler (tigers) LOVE rawhide!  They chase each other around, trying to decide who gets which bone, and then Aasha usually takes hers right into the tub, to get it nice and soggy!  Tigers love rawhide bones! 

Obsession spray:  Amol (tiger) goes crazy when he smells Obsession and Abrams (tiger) also goes ballistic for it!  This is our most popular enrichment scent as most of our big cats enjoy the Obsession scent.
5x5x5 small colorful tuff balls:  Trooper (lynx) LOVES chasing balls around!  Tobias (lynx) would enjoy them too, mainly because he would enjoy chasing Trooper while Trooper is chasing the ball!

Jolly Egg Balls:  Kshama (tiger) likes chasing these around and Sultan likes to play with them in his tub!  Who knew they could float!  This is a very popular item with all our big cats.

14" Jolly Balls:  Aurora (lioness) LOVES these!  She will pick them up with her front paws and throw them, and then chase them all over the playground, like she's playing soccer!

Barrels:  Kiro and Tacoma (tigers) in particular LOVE new barrels!  They get incredibly excited when they see one coming, and love to drag them into their dens!  And we love dragging them out of the den when they are not looking [wink wink]!

Extreme Kong toys:  Cherokee (cougar) likes to bat these around!
Needless to say, all of our animals would love a new toy, including our horse, Twiggy!  But so far, no one has gifted anything to her.  Twiggy loves Stall Snack Holder with apple and molasses.  So if you feel inclined to give an older horse some joy, the Stall Snack would be the perfect gift for her!

Our "bunnies" can find these wonderful animal toys on our Amazon Wish List found HERE.  It takes about 5-10 days to ship the items, so don't delay--ship today!  We will mark the gifts with your name, so you can see your gifts in play!

A copy of our Easter celebration flier can be found HERE.  Please share this event with your family, friends, and co-workers!  Thank you!


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  1. Knowing who loves which toys is great - and prompted me to send a few extra gifts!