Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We Help Even the Tinest of Animals in Need!

Last week, one of our employees, Christina (Office Manager), found a tiny baby squirrel in the walkway of the bobcat enclosure.  Poor baby looked like he had been laying in the walkway for some time before he was found.  He had a little bloody nose and there were some tiny blood spots on the concrete.  
Christina and Mak (Lead Keeper) gently picked him up and covered him with a towel so they could transport him to the office.  The little squirrel was so cold and he didn’t look like he was going to make it to the vet’s office, but we were bound and determined to save this little guy.  We rushed him over to our vet so he could be examined—we needed to know if our little found squirrel had a chance for a normal life.

Our vet examined the squirrel and told us there was nothing medically he could do for him, so we took him back to the office. 

We placed him in a warm bed and attempted to feed him.  The more we worked with him, the more responsive he became towards our overtures to treat and feed him.  As the he grew stronger, we decided to relocate him to a facility where he could receive constant care.   

I called a friend of mine at the Plano ISD Holifield Science Learning Center to see if she would be willing to take the little guy in the hopes that she could rehabilitate and eventually release him.

Tammy Welch was most kind in accepting our squirrel.  As it turned out, she already had a squirrel in rehab about the same age as our little guy.  It was decided that the two squirrels would live together until they could be released.

So you see, no matter the size or age of the animal, we will always be here to help them during their time of need! 

Vicky Keahey
President & CEO of In-Sync Exotics

Well, yesterday was our first day of Spring Break, and boy, have we've been busy!!  Tomorrow the weather is expected to be the same as today, so make your plans to visit In-Sync Exotics while the weather is good!

On Sunday, March 18th, photographers will have an opportunity to take beautiful pictures of our animals.  This event is by appointment only and there are only four (4) spots left so contact Lynn to reserve your spot today.  For more details, see our flier HERE.

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  1. You all are the best! Hope the little guy makes a full recovery!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Anne! We are praying the little guy makes a full recovery too. Isn't he adorable?

  2. Cuddling him in the Tiger blanket might have been part of the problem to begin with...poor little guy probably wandered into the area, noticed his new neighbors, and panicked! Then he wakes up surrounded by a Tiger... ;)