Thursday, March 8, 2012

Here Comes Sabu!

Sabu, our oldest and most loveable lion, simply loves Saturdays!  For you see, on Saturday, he get's his very special enrichment item.  You'll  never guess what Sabu looks forward to each's not his ball or meat bones... it is...

Needless to say, you won't find Sabu's favorite enrichment item on our Easter Wish list, but you will find other items that he likes almost as much (balls and large rawhide bones)!

As I mentioned above, Sabu is our geriatric lion who came to us from the now closed Wild Animal Orphanage (San Antonio, Texas).  Since his arrival last May, Sabu has made great strides in improving his physical condition.  He has captured our hearts as we watch him joyful playing with his  toes  and romp on the playground.  This loveable guy has quite a fan base following him and we will continue to provide you updates on his health.

When Sabu first arrived, his vitamin A level was 16.  Two months ago, his level was at 144.  While he is not quite at a normal level of 200-500, he is making great strides due to the vitamin A pills he receives, excellent diet, and of course, lots of playtime with his favorite enrichment items!  We are expecting his latest test results sometime this week; hopefully his level will continue to climb.

Update on March 9, 2012:  Sabu's test results came back today and we have excellent news!  His vitamin A level climbed to 166!  Way to go Sabu!

Huge thanks to Robert and Karin Saucedo for putting together this great video of Sabu!

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  1. Sabu makes grumpy people smile <3

    1. He does have a way of making everyone smile!

  2. I am in love with Sabu and all of your other residents! I visit the website each day now. My first trip to In-Sync was last Saturday and I plan to bring 2 of my grandchildren on Monday. Thank you for caring about these animals!

  3. Sabu would rather be loved than fed...really.

    1. Sabu is a love bug...and he does love his food too! Who knew this adorable lion could be so possessive of his food!