Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tips on Motivating a Lion

As you may already know, several of our large wild cats share large playgrounds (six in all) scattered throughout the In-Sync Exotic grounds, allowing our cats to enjoy about five hours per day on soft grass and cool pool waters. As we rotate the cats on and off the playground, we thoroughly examine the playground for hidden dangers and of course, scoop the poop. 

Generally, we don’t have a problem getting the wild cats to leave their quarters so they can spend some quality time in the sun.  We do have problems getting some of the cats off the playground so other cats may enjoy the same opportunity of fun, water, and sun.

Aurora, one of the Poetry lionesses, is one such animal who refuses to leave the playground unless it is on her terms.  The staff always tries to entice the cat with treats, if she refuse to respond to voice commands.

In Aurora’s case, getting her to move requires more creative motivation methods; else Amol would never get a chance on the playground!

Now this may look like fun and games, but having to rotate stubborn animals off the playground can be rather, exhausting.  You try funny sounding cat toys...

You even break out the red plushy toy…

…all in the hopes that the lioness will get tired of watching the staff “lose their minds.”  

When Aurora is finally finished watching the floor show, she inches towards her quarters, with the help of a tried and true motivator...

So after an hour and a half of "motivating" Aurora into her quarters, the staff can finally relax and let Amol out for some fun and sun.  Then it’s on to the next playground to deal with the next stubborn wild cat!  Anyone have a kazoo?  The floor show starts in an hour!

Calling all photographers!  We are hosting a "Big Cat Photo Shoot" and you are invited!

Remember, this event is by appointment only, so e-mail Lynne right away since space is limited to 15 photographers!

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  1. Ohmygosh - she certainly knows how to work the system, doesn't she??