Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nadia's Tooth Surgery!

You may recall on February 23rd, Nadia was visited by our vet to determine why there was a small hole on the side of her face.  Our vet brought along his portable x-ray so he could take digital pictures of the wound.  Our vet returned to his office so he could review the pictures he had taken of our ailing Nadia.

Nadia’s x-rays revealed she had a tooth (T-3) on the right side of her face that was not healthy and it needed to be extracted. 

So yesterday morning, we transported Nadia from In-Sync Exotics to her vet’s office which is located only a few miles away from us.

Shortly after our arrival to our veterinarian's office, Nadia was prepped and ready for surgery.

Nadia's surgery went very well.  The total time it took to remove the tooth was about an hour and a half and there was a minor complication as her tooth just didn't want to come out.  Our vet had to slice the tooth and then grind out the broken pieces.

Once the anesthia reversal drugs were administered, a groggy Nadia slowly woke up, missing one tooth.  She was an absolute angel through the entire procedure!

When Nadia's vet gave us the green light, we took our patient home to fully recover.

Now that her tooth has been extracted, Nadia's facial wound should heal on its own.  We estimate that it will take about 4-6 weeks for the facial wound to completely heal and the tooth hole about 10 days to close.

No doubt, our Nadia is much happier without her nagging tooth problem. Ever since she was two months old (prior to her arrival at In-Sync Exotics), Nadia had a lot of prexisting problems with her teeth.  Once her baby teeth dropped out and her adult teeth grew in, she hasn't had any dental issues until now.   

Our girl was reunited with her cage mates, Mohan, Saber, Lucca, and Emma and everyone is now doing great!

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