Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We're Celebrating an Amazing Anniversary!

It was three years ago today when we rescued three exotics wild big cats from a dire situation.  In 2009, the USDA confiscated one lion and two tigers from a Texas entertainment facility and brought them to In-Sync Exotics where they found a safe, nurturing haven.

When the cats first arrived, it was heartbreaking to see just how neglected and emaciated all three cats looked—covered in sores and suffering from a variety of ailments.  

The male lion was about 100 lbs underweight and he suffered from multiple, severe bone issues. He limped on his front legs and had trouble supporting his back end. The tip of his tail was raw and swollen from constant chewing and sucking most likely from stress or boredom. Watching him limp around with the tip of his tail missing, simply broke our hearts. 

As to the two tigers, well, the first tiger was about 200 lbs underweight and his teeth (including his canines) were grossly worn down.  Turns out his teeth were worn down from playing with his only toy at his former home--a drill stem pipe.

The second tiger was also roughly 200 lbs underweight and he had a terrible skin condition. Test revealed his skin condition was the result of poor nutrition and unsanitary living conditions. When he first arrived, he was stressed, agitated and so terrified that he scrunched himself up into a corner until he discovered the den, where he holed himself up for three days.  

All three cats needed lots of love and attention to help heal the physical wounds we could see and those we could not.

Three years later, we'd like to introduce you to...



and Apollo!

We are truly blessed to have such magnificent cats in our lives and we truly appreciate just how far they have come over the last three years!  

Kahn looks great now!  His wounds have healed, including his tail tip.  He no longer feels stressed or bored because he has the lovely Sheila and lots of toys to play with each day!

Amol still has problems with his teeth nubs and will be seen by a dentist that specializes with this type of dental problems this summer.  Meanwhile, Amol continues his love affair with his blue barrels!

And handsome Apollo is not only looking great, but he also has a playful personality!  He used to be very aggressive tiger when he first arrived--but no more!

This is why we exist...
To help heal damaged bodies and mend broken hearts...

Thank you for supporting us...we could not accomplish our mission without you...

Happy 3rd Year Anniversary
Kahn, Amol and Apollo! 

May you all have many, many more wonderful years with us! 

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  1. It is so amazing to see the change a bit of TLC can make in the lives of these wonderful animals.