Thursday, May 31, 2012

Are We Really That Predictable?

We'd like to think not, but I'm sure our animals may have a different opinion!  Our exotic wild cats really have our routines down. They are aware of when we are supposed to arrive, rotate them onto the playground, feed and treat them, and then depart for the evening. They like to have their needs met when we are near them and sometimes it seems like they are training us instead of the other way around! 

While we may appear predictable, our cats are anything but!  For instance, you may recall our attempts to "motivate" one of our lioness off the playground was rather interesting to watch, especially from Aurora's prospective.  Now our girl knows our normal routines, and like many of the others big cats, she just has to shake things up for us !

So every once in a while, we like to shake up their routine by introducing them to some new interns!

Jett posing with Jessica!
Meet Jessica Thomson from Allen, Texas!  Jessica is pursuing a degree in Animal Science and Technology with a Minor in Entomology from Kansas State University, graduating in May 2014.  Jessica is a former volunteer of the SPCA of Texas and even ran her own business providing animal care for her community!
Jessica plans on continuing her education by seeking a Master’s degree with emphasis on doing research of animal diseases.  Jessica will be working on special research projects while she is with us this summer!  Mighty lion roars of welcome to you, Jessica!

Aramis posing with Alex!

Alexandra Thomas traveled all the way from Croydon, UK, so she could expand her knowledge of exotic wild animals by working for captive cats in a sanctuary environment.    Alex will graduate in July 2013 with a degree in Animal Welfare and Behavior from the University of Bristol, UK. 

Alex spent two summers at the Harnas WildlifeFoundation in Namibia.  She helped care for exotic cats as well as other exotic wild animals.  As part of her education, she also worked at a zoo in England.   Sweet Okemo welcome chuffs to you, Alex!

Team In-Sync is super excited to welcome Jessica and Alex to In-Sync Exotics!  No doubt both ladies will have some fabulous animals stories to share with the folks back home!

The ladies arrived just in time to help us celebrate In-Sync Exotics' Big Birthday Bash!  We have lots of exciting events planned this year, so you'll want to make plans to attend our special event! 

Here are a few pictures from last year's event:

nom nom nom!  Yummy meaty treat!

Aasha enjoying her meaty treat and ice cream!

Sabu's first taste of ice cream!

He liked it! He liked it!  He wanted more...

Tobias enjoying his meaty treat and ice cream!

We'll also be giving out birthday presents to the animals this year!  We have received a few gifts thus far, but we really could use some more, please!  If you would like to help make a wild cat very happy on his or her birthday, please considered gifting an item (as a tax-deductible donation) from our Amazon Birthday Bash Wish List!  On behalf of the animals, thank you very much

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  1. So glad to learn about the new interns and see their pics so we can put names to faces when we see them!