Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Birthday Bash With The Cats 2012!

Whew!  It's hard to select the cutest pictures for this blog posting because they are all so great, but heck, let's give it try anyway!

Jodi Payson, Ron Morrill, Brittani, and yours truly, the blog mistress, provided the pictures seen in this year's Big Birthday Bash for the Cats videos!  We hope this presentation with the cats' inspires you to make a trip this summer to In-Sync Exotics.  We are open for tours, Thursday - Sunday, so round up your family and friends and make cat tracks to In-Sync Exotics today!  For details, click HERE!

In-Sync Exotics' Cat Tales will be taking a short vacation break until June 29th!  Fear not, we shall be running The Best of Blog series until we shall return with new and wonderful stories of the animals of In-Sync Exotics.  The Best of Blog series will present four popular blog links for your reading enjoyment each day, giving you an opportunity to catch up on any postings you may have missed!  

We hope you have a wonderful time enjoying our past blog postings and we look forward to educating and entertaining you again later this month!  Don't forget to record your reactions to today's presentation by clicking on one of our reaction buttons below.  Remember, caring is sharing, so be sure to share our blog postings with your family, friends, and co-workers!  We will continue to post animal updates to Facebook and Twitter, so you won't miss any animal news until the return of In-Sync Exotics' Cat Tales! 


  1. We walked around to say "good-bye" to all of the cats before we left (around 5:30p) and they were all sooooooo tired, they could barely open an eye to check us out! SO glad they had such a great day!

  2. What a GREAT presentation ! Thank You for sharing !

  3. We're thrilled you enjoyed the presentation of our cats! Thank you!