Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Best of the Blog - Vacation Day 2

Welcome to the Best of the Blog! Your blog writer is on VACATION!! We hope you enjoy reading the following Best of the Blog postings (click on the links below) until your writer returns. The Best of the Blog selections were made based on the amount of web traffic received for the 251 blog posts written thus far!
Here are our four high traffic favorite blog postings for today!

Sabu's Prayers are Answered!  - August 19, 2011 (Videos and Text)

The Best Caption Ever is... - September 9, 2011 (Video, Pictures, and Text)

A Great Video of Sabu Running and Playing With His Ball - September 12, 2012 (Video and Text)

Handsome Trooper!

If you are interested in reading more of our past blog postings, go to our blog archive located on the right-side margin found under our Featured Video of Sabu Roaring!

We'd love it if you would share those stories that touched your heart in some way with your family, friends, or co-workers -- those stories that made you laugh, cry, or simply say "hmmmm!"  Thank you!


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